20 Questions for Kids Board Game

vintage gameGuessing the correct person, place, or thing, in twenty questions or less, has been a popular game since the 1800’s.  It is believed to have originated in New England and then later spread throughout the United States.  Even though this early version of play was (and still can be) enjoyed without any implements, the board game of 20 Questions by University Games brings the puzzling fun to the table for a family to enjoy on game night!

20 Questions for Kids consists of a board with question mark track, 126 Question Cards, 4 question mark playing pieces of different colors, 20 red chips, 5 blue chips, and instructions for play.  The game is recommended for ages 7 and up, and for 2 or more players. (If playing in teams, younger kids can even play)

Players place their question mark game piece on the board at the start of the 60 spaced scoring track. The cards are shuffled and placed to the side with the chips.

The instructions state the ‘youngest’ player goes first.  He picks a Question Card and reads the top of his card, saying whether he is a person, place, or thing.  The Question Card includes 20 numbered clues and the answer is written across the bottom. 

Moving clockwise, players take turns picking numbers to which the person holding the Question Card will read the clue of the same number.  Each time a number is picked, a red chip is placed on the board to indicate this clue has been given.  This helps to determine scoring at the end of the round.

game board

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach finish on the scoring track.  Players move their pieces according to how many clues it took them to guess the correct ‘person, place, or thing’.   The player reading the card will move the balance of this.

For instance, a Question Card is valued at 20 points; one for each clue.  These points are divided between the player who is reading the clues and the player who correctly guesses at the end of a round.  If it took 8 clues (8 red chips placed on the numbers on the board), for a player to correctly guess who, what, or where the reader is, then he will move on the track 12 spaces.  The reader will move 8.  If it took 14 clues to guess, then the reader would move 14, and the guesser only 6.

There are a few ‘special clues’ on the cards.  These are Go Ahead, Go Back movements, Lose your turn, Guess now and pick another number, or Free Guess Anytime.  A player picking one of the numbers that says ‘Free Guess Anytime’ would receive one of the blue chips to use at the start of any player’s turn. 

See if you can guess the ‘Thing’ with following random picked numbered clues.  They are clues from an actual card in the game:

I am eaten

I come in bunches

I can be fried

I am soft and mushy

And probably a clue which might give it away, ‘Monkeys love me’.


The above are only a sample of the 20 clues for ‘I am a Banana’.

Some numbers and their clues give the answer almost away.  Others are very general.  During the game players never know which kind they may get!  It all depends on the numbers they choose.

20 Questions for Kids board game is great way to bring the timeless travel game of 20 questions to game night.  It is fun for all and gives a wonderful way for family and friends to spend time together. 


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