2005 Lego Pirate’s Treasure Game

Lego gameExploring Skull Island and searching for treasure in Lego Pirate’s Treasure board game is adventurous and plundering fun.  The object of the game is to be the first pirate to reach the boat in the center of the board with 6 gold coins.  It’s a race for finding treasure and a race to the finish!  Bringing lots of excitement to the game table, it is another way for Lego to encourage building; not of fantastic Lego creations, but of wonderful family bonds!

The game is recommended for 2-4 players and for ages 4 and up. Each player represents a pirate in search for treasure in the game.  The board consists of multiple, intersecting paths that allow players the choice to move around in various directions according to their spins.

At the beginning of the game, keys are placed down through the game board.  This conceals their secret colors that match with certain Lock Box cards.  Pirates use the keys (and cards) in attempts to gather more treasure!

The youngest player goes first and spins. The spin of the spinner indicates movement of one to six spaces.  Pirates take turns moving the numbers indicated by their spins, and onto one of the five different spaces on the board.  These instruct players of further actions.  Whichever space he lands on, determines whether he has found some treasure or needs to do some more digging around.  The five spaces are:

1) The start spaces:  Pirates start on their matching colored spaces.  Landing on these later is like a blank space.

2) Blank Space: When a pirate lands here, his turn is over.  Nothing lost, nothing found, nothing to do!

3) Jolly Roger Space:  The directions instruct a pirate to say, “I’ll be stealing some treasure” if he lands on this space.  He then takes one Treasure Coin from another pirate!

4) Golden Coin Space:  If a pirate lands here, he takes one coin from the Treasure Cache in the corner of the board.

5) Key Space:  The key space is exciting for pirates!  If a player lands here he gets to pick the top card of the Lock Box deck and choose any Key sticking out of the board.  He does NOT look at the card, unless his choice of key matches the same two colors on the card.  If it doesn’t match, he puts the card in the discard pile.  If it matches he then turns the card over and now has to follow those directions.  The treasure chest may be empty, contain a map to move anywhere on the board, or treasure of one or more coins!

As soon as any player has collected 6 coins, he races to the boat in hopes he is the first one there with 6!  If he is, he wins the game!

Whether a Lego fan or not, Lego Pirate’s Treasure Game is great fun.  It can be played on a Pirate Themed game night, a Lego Themed game night, or any time!  Searching for treasure creates large appetites, so when planning to play, Lego cake is a perfect snack to enjoy afterwards!  It’s one special treasure that can be shared with all!



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