A Game Night of Fun with Hi Ho Cherry-O

game night idea and fun snackPlanning a game night with your child is a wonderful way to spend time together.  The fun of a game, and the making of correlating snacks for the occasion, offers lots of excitement for kids.  For preschoolers, Hi Ho Cherry-O is one such game choice to plan a night of fun around.

The Hi Ho Cherry-O game night includes the making of Ice Cream Sundaes, topped with a cherry, of course!  Since the game involves a race to fill a bucket of cherries, this yummy treat is the ideal refreshment to enjoy after playing the game.  Creating, and eating this themed snack, will be a delight for all players, and sweetly finishes off the night.

Hi Ho Cherry-O has been entertaining young kids since the early sixties.  The classic game introduces the basic skills of game play to young players.  To play the game, players begin by loading up the game board’s trees with cherries.  Once set-up is complete, players choose a tree and empty bucket.  They then take turns spinning the spinner in order to be the first player to fill up his bucket with cherries.

From the seven different images on the spinner, the arrow indicates the amount of cherries taken from, or placed back onto, the tree.  The winner, like mentioned,  is the first player to fill his bucket with all ten cherries from his tree!

He could then be the first  player to place a cherry on top of his finished sundae.

Kids love helping with the making of Sundaes.  They can create a spectacular dessert in just a few easy steps!

First, choose a container; any bowl or specialty sundae dish is used.  In this, place two to three scoops of ice cream for the base.  Any flavor can be chosen.  However, since additional toppings and flavorings are added to the creamy dish, basic chocolate or vanilla ice cream works well.

Next, is the pouring of syrups. Hot Fudge, chocolate, strawberry, or caramel syrups are some of the most commonly used. Go ahead and allow kids to squeeze some on.

The last step is the adding of embellishments!  A rainbow of sprinkles seems to be a child’s favorite. It adds lots of color to the dish. However, nuts, mini-marshmallows, M&M’s, or other small candies can be showered upon the dishful of goodness too.

Whipped cream and the cherry are the final toppings!

A night of playing the game of Hi Ho Cherry-O, with the making of sundaes is great activity.  Playing the game, and planning and gathering the ingredients for creating the tasty treat, builds anticipation and excitement in the child.  The time spent together is as delicious as the snack afterwards!

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