A Summer Fun and Games Gift Basket

Once school has been out for a while, surprise the kids with a summer fun and games gift basket!  This collection of items helps keep kids occupied on rainy days, or gives families just another way to enjoy the hot summer break. The neat assortment features a game, but includes other sunny weather specialties to add to a night time of family fun!

Hey! That’s My Fish is the perfect game to place inside this gift basket.  Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, Hey! That’s My Fish offers all players a refreshing challenge.   Moving across the tiled game of ice, penguins try to gather as many fish as they can!  They need to be alert, though, in order to not get stranded on a piece of ice!

Being trapped on a cold sectioned tile might be welcomed on a hot summer night, though.  It is one of the reasons playing Hey! That’ My Fish is such a fun summer game and cools everyone around.  The other items in the container add to this chilling theme.

A small Slushy Maker is included.  If you already have one, new snow cone flavors with fancy cups and straws can be positioned around the game.  Snacks, like small bags of red Swedish Fish or Gold Fish crackers or pretzels, make tasty treats to eat while playing the game.  These are used to fill in spaces of the array. Other inexpensive gadgets and gizmos, like pool diving toys, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Frisbee, or inflatable beach ball, are great additions, as well.

Chomp!, Don’t Break the Ice, or a simple deck of cards are other games to put in the basket for extra enjoyment!  A few further suggestions for games are in the article, A Chilling Game Night of Ice and Penguin Games.  There, planning a family game night is talked about and gives a suggestion for watching a ‘cool’ movie afterwards.

The movie to watch, along with some microwave popcorn, can then be placed in the surprise games basket too!  Giving a summer fun and games basket provides the things needed for such a night and brings about the excitement to have one!  It doesn’t have to be overly extravagant or expensive.  Pop ice pops with a game, movie, and popcorn makes for another perfect summer arrangement.

Spending time together, playing a game, and enjoying a nice cool slushy with other tasty treats, makes for a great family night.  It’s all about fun and games, and being together!

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