Awesome Games for Family Game Night

Planning family game nights can be a challenge; especially if your family involves different age groups.  A game which is fun for a five year old may not be exciting for his older sibling of ten.  And it can be frustrating for younger children to try and play an older aged game that requires more skill than they are used to.  So how can a family which is made up of different ages plan to have a fun game night?

One of the best ways is to play a game that involves cooperative play.  Within the last few years, some really great games of this genre have been produced.  Cooperative games allow all players to plan and work together in order to win the game.  A family all wins, or loses, together.  My two favorite cooperative games for playing on a family game night are Castle Panic and Forbidden Island.

In Castle Panic, all players strive to protect the castle from different types of monsters that are approaching out of the forest.  The exciting theme appeals to all ages; save the castle from the evil monsters!   Even though each player has their own turn, players strategize together on how best to attack and defend during that turn.  This is one of the reasons I consider it an awesome game.  Younger players can learn strategy skills from older players without feeling left out or feeling as if they are not being helpful in the game.  Families work together.  All members, young and old, are vital to the game because each player’s moves are vital to conquer the monsters!

Forbidden Island is similar.  The object for players in Forbidden Island, though, is to gather four sacred items and escape off the island before it sinks into the abyss.  Again, the adventurous theme, cooperative play, and challenging goals, makes playing the game with a family, a lot of fun.  Both Castle Panic and Forbidden Island bring the family together in order to be successful with the game’s mission.
Blokus is another game which works well for a range of ages, and yet each player is on his own.  Recommended for ages 5 and up, the game’s unique game play offers challenges to the variety of skill levels in a family.  The game allows the youngest player to play at his skill level, the oldest his.  Neither feels as if they are playing an unsuitable aged game.  Plus, my husband, who doesn’t like games, actually enjoys playing this.  I have to say, he also enjoyed playing the previous two games.  Maybe, he is starting to like all games!

The classic games are great for family game nights, as well.  Games, like Sorry!, Clue, or Life, offer lots of fun for all, but are not based on high strategy skills.  You could plan on having a Classic Family Game Night.

game night snack ideaAs with planning any family game night, serving snacks which show off a game theme helps set the stage for an even more exciting time.  If playing Blokus, you could decide to make a Blokus Cake for snacking on.  The Checkerboard of foods can include any favorite munchies of a family, and be a nice treat for display during the night.

Most of all, getting the family together, and playing a game or two, enjoying and learning about each other, is what is Awesome.  Playing some awesome games help, but it is spending time with family that will be remembered and cherished.  Have fun!


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