Beach Game: Jump the Sand Trap

Jump the Sand Trap is the perfect game to play at the beach.  Since the sand on the beach is used to create the field of play for the game, the markings needed can be easily made and moved.  All that is required to play the game are some enthusiastic jumpers!

To begin, a section of sand is leveled off and smoothed.  Then, two parallel lines are etched in the sand to create the ‘Sand Trap’.  This is the area found in between the two lines.  For the first challenge to players, the lines are a meager two feet apart from each other.  The object is for players to successfully ‘jump the sand trap’ without getting caught in it.  Players will know if they get caught in the sand trap, if they leave a mark in the smoothed over sand inside the lines.

Players take turns, first by running and jumping over the sand trap.  If all clear the trap, then they stand along the edge of the boundary line, and from a standing still position, jump to the other side.  All players who cleared the trap are challenged next with a wider area.

To create a wider sand trap is simple.  One of the parallel lines, indicating the border, is merely moved another six to twelve inches further.  If this extra space is roughed up by previous jumping, smooth the sand over, so players will know if they touch the inside of the lines after jumping.

The moving and widening of the sand trap continues, in increments, until only one player, who has jumped successfully, is left. He is considered the winner.

The above game is best played by kids near the same ages, or players of equal size, for fairness.  However, an alternate method of play can be chosen, in order to level out some of differing ages or sizes of players playing.  Begin with the two foot wide sand trap and decide on various challenges for how a player jumps over the narrow sand trap.

Like the initial game, all players run at first, and next, they stand along the edge and jump. Instead of widening the trap, though, other hindrances are placed on the players.  Players need to jump backwards, using only one leg, while twisting in the air, sideways, or hands behind their back.  Whoever succeeds jumping, while doing the many tasks, wins. This game play allows for multiple winners.

Another method of play is for each player to walk some distance (of their choice) away from the sand trap.  Each player then walks towards the sand trap by taking his ‘biggest step’.  This biggest step is enough to clear the sand trap.  However, players must come upon the ‘Sand Trap’ at just the right movement in order for their ‘next biggest step’ to make it over the Sand Trap.  Sure, players could adjust their ‘steps’ as they get closer. But, if played honestly, the challenge in choosing the correct distance from the sand trap, in order to take the ‘biggest step’ right at the correct time to cross the sand trap, is an exciting undertaking for all.

Sand Trap is enjoyed by kids of all ages.  It makes for a great game to play at the beach.  The ability to change the width of the trap and the opportunity to jump in the sand is a lot of fun.  So the next time at the beach, go ahead, and play a game of Jump the Sand Trap!



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