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The following best beach games can keep kids entertained once the building of sand castles, wave hopping, sun bathing, and other activities lose their appeal.  Plan ahead and have a few ideas ready for when they come over and say, “What can we do?”  You will surprise them with giving them lots of fun choices!

If it seems taking a break is beneficial, a quiet beach game may be suggested.  Sand Tic-Tac-Toe or Beach Pictionary is just the ticket for this situation!

Sand Tic-Tac-Toe
Sitting down to take a rest can include a few fun games of Sand Tic-Tac-Toe.  No paper or pencils are needed.  Just use the sand and items found at the beach.  Quickly gather 5 shells of one color (or shape) and 5 of another (or pebbles) for game pieces.  Draw the grid in the sand and start playing! Erase, and play again!

Beach Pictionary
Another game which can give players a break from all the beach action is Beach Pictionary.  This, too, does not require anything but items found on the beach.

Players first gather different items to use to ‘draw with’.  Sea shells, pebbles, seaweed, and driftwood work great for this.  With this collection of beach treasures, players take turns ‘drawing’ any ‘thing’ they think of.   The ‘drawing’ is done by a player using the beach items to build and form the object.  All other players try and guess what it is while he is building the ‘thing’ he thought of.

For example, if the player thinks of a ‘turtle.’  He could begin positioning a large seashell surrounded by smaller shells for the head, tail, and legs.  He can create (draw) a turtle this way.  The person who guesses the player’s object first, is the next ‘drawer.’

An alternative way to play Beach Pictionary is to simply use a stick to draw in the sand.  Both ways are fun!


More active games might be wanted to play.  Beach Skee Ball, Shark Path, Mini Golf, or The Sandman’s Hat are games which are ideal for having a great time at the beach.  These involve the building of the ‘game board or play area’, with the sand, before playing.  Children have as much fun as making the props to play the game with, as they do in playing the game!

The Sandman’s Hat
Players begin by working together to build a ‘Sandman’ in order to play The Sandman’s Hat.  A Sandman is easily created by piling up sand (however big is wanted), and sculpting a ‘snowman’ looking figure out of the sand.  Next, decorate the Sandman.  Seashells for the buttons, eyes, and mouth are placed on the Sandman.  Two large pieces of driftwood are used for his arms, and one small piece of driftwood (unless you have a carrot) is used for his nose.  Once the Sandman is finished, it is time to play the game.

The object of the game is to be the player who throws the Sandman’s Hat directly on top of his head!  Any beach hat will do.

To play the game, mark a line at least 10 feet back from the Sandman (a bit further for older players).  This is the line players take turns throwing his hat from.   For older players, a few different lines could be etched in the sand, instead.  One at five feet, one at ten, fifteen, and twenty.  As each player succeeds in getting the hat on his head at each mark, he moves back.  The winner is the player who first throws a hat onto the Sandman at the twenty feet line first.

Beach Mini Golf

A small plastic golf set is needed to play this game at the beach.  These are usually inexpensive and are found at most discount stores, but are well worth getting.  Kids love to create their own mini golf course from the sand at the beach.  Depending on how energetic the kids are determines the size, and the challenging obstacles they put on their mini golf course.

Like a real mini golf course, a few different sections should be made.  The first is the easiest.  For this, a straight stretch (5-8 feet) with side walls are formed which open up into a small circular area.  A hole is dug in the center.  Players hit their golf ball and try to get it in the hole in the least amount of hits.

The second section, and each one after, can include more obstacles or curves to maneuver around.

Other ideas to have in the sections are to create tunnels to go through, bridges to go over, Sand Monsters to go around or zig-zag path ways.  Ramps (up and down) are always fun to have.  They are easy to make in the sand and can include moats to zoom over.  Kids enjoy thinking and using their imaginations to make courses.  Then they will love playing in it.  It could take an entire day to finish!

Beach Skee Ball
Beach Skee Ball is another game which requires the making of the playing area.  In the post, Play Beach Skee Ball, it is explained how a track is made and how to play.  The popular board walk game is brought down to the beach and enjoyed all day long for free!  (Small prizes could be given, if wanted)

Shark Path
Running around on the beach is part of the game Shark Path.  The different pathways etched in the sand offers lots of excitement for all.  No one wants to get tagged by the Shark! Directions for playing and making the ‘play area’ are talked about in The Beach Game of Shark Path.

Spending time together as a family and playing games on the beach creates wonderful memories.  The above games help bring fun to everyone and make beach time the best time!

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