Best Games for the Easter Basket

Instead of just chocolate, why not include one of the following best games to put inside an Easter basket?  Games are a treat that are enjoyed time and time again. There are lots of smaller sized games that slide nicely beside the other goodies, and are just as sweet.  Below are a few of the best.

The Snipe Hunt game, with its little ‘Snipes’ keeps the fun of Easter egg hunting going all throughout the year.  Two players, or two teams, each hide a ‘Snipe’.  The first to find their opponent’s Snipe (and return it to its nest) wins! These adorable creatures will begin to chirp, and their eyes will light up, after a period of time of not being found.  Played indoor or outdoor, the game gives going on a Snipe Hunt a whole new meaning!  (for any amount of players, and all ages)

Boochie is an award winning game and another great game to add to any Easter basket.  As spring and outdoor fun is just around the corner, Boochie offers a variety of outdoor challenges for kids to enjoy.  The 12-sided Boochie ball, included inside a vinyl bag with four rings, four wrist trackers, and four bean balls, is the target.  With these few items, players attempt to score the most points by throwing, tossing, or kicking (and in numerous ways) at the Boochie ball.   Kids will love going outside, and leaving the TV or computer behind! (for 2-4 players, recommended ages 8 and up)

Bears! This specialized dice game is the perfect game for an exciting and competitive time.  The theme makes it ideal for taking along when camping.  Two sets of 20 dice (one set for the center pool, and a set for each player (5 each if 4 playing), are all that is needed.  The dice have different images (bears, tents, guns, runners, or sleepers) on each of their sides, and players race to make certain ‘pairs’ in order to win!  Fast and furious!  (for 2-4 players, recommended ages 7 and up)

The hilarious card game of Creatures consists of 96 playing cards.  The images on the cards show a Front, Middle, or End of a Creature.  Each player attempts to create the strongest type of creature that he can, with the cards in his hand.  Any front, middle, or end can be mixed or matched. Battling the many different made-up creatures is always new, surprising, and entertaining!  (for 2-6 players, recommended for ages 8 and up)

LCR fits in even the smallest of Easter baskets.  The game consists of three cube dice and chips; all kept inside a compact tube.  The dice are marked with L’s (left), C’s (center) R ‘s(right) and black dots.  Players roll the dice, according to the chips in front of them, and move their chips to the L,R,C, or nowhere.  The winner is the last person with a chip!  Don’t let the easy play or little package fool you. LCR is a great game to gather friends and family around for lots of laughs.

The Train dice game is another game that is easily positioned amongst Easter treats.   Train consists of six dice marked with different kinds of train cars.  The object of the game is to reach 100 points first by the rolling of dice and the forming of trains.   This quick and amusing game would be perfect to play on a train themed game night!  Great for all ages, and for any amount of players!

Any of the ten best stocking stuffer games is ideal for placing inside a basket.  These games are all small in size and yet pack loads of fun!  Players will be amazed at the amount of excitement that comes in tiny packages!

With the many games available, like those mentioned above, adding fun and games to an Easter Basket is extremely simple.  They encourage the gathering together and the spending of time with each other, which is one of the best gifts of all.  So when filling the basket this year, slide in a few games for kids (and yourself) to enjoy.

Happy Easter!


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