Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

Kids love to play games at Halloween parties.  Below are some of the best Halloween games for kids.  They are sure to please a high-spirited crowd and bring out the smiles of even the most ghoulish of players!

Candy Corn Count

Giving party goers the opportunity to try and guess the amount of something in a jar is always fun.  Everyone can do it and players love trying to determine the exact number. For a host, making it is simple too! As a Halloween party game, fill a jar with Candy Corn (counting as you fill).  Give each person a small piece of paper to write their name, and the number they guess is the exact amount of Candy Corns in the jar.  Pass the jar around.  The player, who is closest, wins the jar of candy!

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

To play Witch’s Hat Ring Toss place a witch’s hat 10 feet away from a designated throwing line. Stuff the hat with newspaper to make the point stand straight and sturdy in the air.  Provide each child a turn to try and ‘ring’ it.  Each player can have 5 rings on a turn.  If only a few kids are playing, or only a few were able to ring it the first time, another round of turns can be given.

Rings are made from newspaper. Simply roll up a page or two of newspaper and tape together to make the ‘ring’.  These work really great, because they can be made into different sizes to offer different challenges, if wanted.  If all the rings are made the same and a player ‘rings the witch’s hat, he gets a prize.  If rings are made different sizes (small, medium and large), different prizes can be rewarded.  For instance, if a player ‘rings the hat’ with the smallest size ring, he would get a more valuable prize than if he ‘rings the hat’ with a large ring.  For example, players can be given 3 different size rings.  Each ring receives a prize; a reward for a Large ring could be one piece of candy, a Medium ring could be three pieces of candy, but the Small ring could be a full candy bar!

Pumpkin Patch Madness

Pumpkin Patch Madness makes ‘searching through a pumpkin patch’  exciting!  It’s a great game to play at a Halloween Party.  Before players arrive (or in a different designated area called the ‘pumpkin patch’), hide cut-out pumpkins in all places imaginable.  The Pumpkins are small 2-3 inch diameter sized orange construction paper cut-outs.  With a black marker, draw the normal Jack-o-Lantern face on it, and if wanted, include numbers on the back (of some) for special numbered prizes.

Show the children, who are playing the game, an example of a ‘pumpkin’, and tell them the boundaries of the ‘Pumpkin Patch’.  On the count of 3 tell them to go search!   The player who finds the most wins a prize.  Pumpkins which are specially marked with a number on the back win that numbered prize, and even the player who found the least could win a prize.  These choices are left with the hostess!   But no matter the prizes, players always have fun searching through the pumpkin patch!

Having fun, and enjoying a ‘spooktacular night’ is made easy by playing the above suggested games!  Happy Halloween!

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