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The Ancient Game of Alquerque

The ancient game of Alquerque has origins tracing back to Egypt. An unfinished Alquerque board is seen cut on roofing slabs in a temple at Kurna, which was built around 1400BC.  It is believed...

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The Ancient Game of Bagh Chal

The ancient game of Bagh Chal is categorized as a hunt or chase game.  The two-player game, originating in Nepal, has been challenging players for over a thousand years.  Bagh Chal, meaning ‘moving Tiger’,...

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The Ancient Game of Ashtapada

  Ancient games are revealing snapshots into the past.  They share enjoyments, activities, developments, and beliefs of the people who played them.  Originating in India, Ashtapada, meaning eight square, refers to both the game...