Children’s Fun and Games Easter Gift Basket

fun and games gift basketThis Easter, instead of giving a basket filled with chocolate and candy, why not give a Fun and Games gift basket.  The basket can still include some treats, but the highlight of the basket is one or more games.  The gift of a game offers enjoyment and fun all year round.

Last year, I did write about giving an Easter Fun and Games gift basket for a family.  Basically, they would consist of the same items.  The difference comes with the choice of game to add.  Instead of a game for the whole family, a game is chosen which best suits the age and likes of the child that the assortment is being given to.

For example, if the Easter game’s basket is for a boy who likes Lego, there are many different Lego games to place in the center of the basket.  If the gift is for a girl who likes magic, then a game involving spells would be ideal to include.

The creation begins by picking a basket for all the items to be nicely placed inside.  The size of the game box should be considered.  There are lots of games which will fit perfectly in an Easter basket.  Not all board games are the long, rectangular box of the past.   However, even this size of game, situated straight up with a small ribbon attached to the Easter basket handle to keep in place, and surrounded with other items, will work.

Easter grass is spread out on the bottom of the basket and the assorted gifts gathered.  Some suggestions to include, other than the games, are spring related items; like bubbles, jump rope, balls, pool toys, or frisbee.  Treats like a chocolate Easter bunny, the child’s favorite candy bar, and other sweets can also be situated amongst the selections.  Fruits and fruit juice boxes make nice additions too.

Along with the ‘main’ game, other small games could be included.  Any of the Christmas stocking stuffer game ideas would work for this purpose.

Below are some ideas for the main game; according to age and different interests of children.

Preschooler Games

If a child likes to read books, there are many games that are based from books.  The story then makes a perfect addition to the Easter Fun and Games basket; along with the game.  For example, Eric Carle has published both game and books on many of his stories.

If the child likes animals, Peaceable Kingdom offers Count Your Chickens or Hoot Owl Hoot.  Animal Upon Animal, Zoo Panic, The Ladybug Game, or Sneaky Snacky Squirrel are other great preschooler games. (If choosing to add the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game, then be sure to include some Sticks and Acorns Treats to the basket).

For Children ages 5-8

Popular games for children ages 5 to 8 are Rat-A-Tat-Cat, Hey, That’s my Fish, Zooloretto, Magician’s Kitchen, or Blokus.  For the child who likes Lego, there are multiple Lego games to choose from that are for this age group, as well.

Older Children

Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Castle Panic, and their different expansion packs, all make great games for older children.  A basket could even be created to give to children together.  A basket packed full of a few different games (both large and small), treats, pencils, stickers, and other items makes one great big gift assortment.  Children will love to look through the many various surprises!

Creating a Fun and Games gift basket to give to a child on Easter provides a present that is later enjoyed by all.  Playing a game encourages the gathering of family and friends.  The chocolate treats will be eaten within a few days.  However, the fun of a game lasts all year through, and even years beyond.  Nothing beats the timeless gift of a game!



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