Classic Halloween Board Game of Which Witch?

Which Witch board game

Which Witch? Board Game

A classic board game to play with the family on Halloween or any family game night is the game of Which Witch? by Milton Bradley.   Published in 1971, this 3D board is filled with spells, traps, and danger in every room and on every turn.  The rhyme written inside the box lid says it all:

“Travel the Witch Works, it’s a treat.
Three mischievous witches, you will meet.
One is good, the other two bad.
A wilder trip, you’ve never had.
Travel quickly, always beware.

If you don’t, you’ll trip a snare.
You’ll love this wacky trio of witches.
If you permit, they’ll keep you in stitches.
A game of tricks and fun galore.
Play it once, you’ll be back for more.”

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the top of the steps in the spooky old witch’s house.  The winning space is called the ‘Charmed Circle.’  In order to travel there, players roll the die and move through the rooms.

which witch board

Which Witch? Board

Each player, after they move the amount of their die, draws a card from the witch’s pile.  There are over 30 cards but only 3 types in which to get (one of each witch).  Which Witch will the player pick is the question?  The witches are Glenda the Good, Ghoulish Gerty, and Wanda the Wicked.  The player who picks the card is instructed to do one of the following:

If a player draws a Wanda the Wicked card, the player has been put under a spell by Wanda the Wicked and is turned into a mouse!  (Each player has a corresponding ‘mouse piece’ which is switched with the ‘person piece’)  As a mouse the player cannot move.  This player continues to draw cards, but he cannot move until the spell is broken.

The spell is broken by drawing a Glenda the Good card.  If a player draws this card and is a mouse, the player can switch back to his original ‘person piece’ and start moving once again.

If a player picks a Ghoulish Gerty card all players on the board who are on ‘Danger’ spaces must watch out!  The player must drop the small steel ball down the chimney.  This ball may go into any of the 4 rooms and trip the snares and traps.  There is a swinging broom, loose floor boards, moving walls, secret rugs and slippery stairs.

If a player is in the room and on a danger space where the ball lands then the snare has been tripped and they must move back to the safe blue X space for the room they are in.

game pieces for which witch board game

Which Witch? game pieces

Because Which Witch offers excitement with each draw of the card, the board game is highly collectible and can usually be found on Ebay.

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