Create a Fun Froggy Game Night Theme and Have a Hoppin’ Great Time

Planning on having a game night? Serve Frog Cookies and play the game of Frog Juice for a fun themed and hoppin’ great time.

game night recipePlaying games and serving snacks featuring the same elements can boost a game night of fun. The following simple recipe for Frog Cookies will make the perfect snack while playing the card game of Frog Juice. Other frog juice, like Hawaiian Punch or 7UP, can also be provided alongside the tasty treats.

Frog Cookies are easy to make. The only ingredients needed are:

  • Oreo Cookies
  • Miniature Marshmallows
  • Small twisted Pretzels
  • Cookie icing (black)

The easiest way to make Frog Cookies is by operating a bit of an assembly line. Marshmallows, Pretzels, and Cookies can each have their different spot.

    • Start by dotting each marshmallow with a speck of black cookie icing for the eyes of the frog.
    • Then dab the bottom loop of the pretzel (the part which the cookie will be placed on) with cookie icing. The Pretzels are the frog legs. The icing, once set, will hold the pieces together.
    • Next, take the cookie (frog body) and attach the mini marshmallow eyes on by using another touch of icing.
    • Finally, set the cookie on top of the prepared pretzel (pretzel with dabs of icing) and that’s all.
game night recipe

Frog Platter

    The Frog Cookie is created!

Place on a tray and serve. If time allows, cut out some lily pads from green construction paper and place the Frog Cookies on top with a few Swedish Fish scattered about. This addition creates an even more amusing display.

Children will love eating the snacks while playing Frog Juice.

game night ideaFrog Juice is a card game in which players are mixing, brewing, and casting spells. The deck includes 44 Ingredient cards and 15 Power cards. After creating Frog Cookies, producing concoctions like, disappearing spells or eternal sleep spells, only seems fitting.

Each player is dealt four cards to begin with. Another four cards are placed in the center face up. The remaining cards form a stack to draw from.

Players strive to gain the most points by completing spells in order to win the game. A player’s turn will involve the gathering of ingredients needed to develop potions either from the center four cards or from other player’s hands. Bats, Newts, or Toads may form one spell, while Mice and Mushrooms another. Frog Juice is the special ingredient card which gives a player an extra Power point.

The colorful and fun card game of Frog Juice is recommended for ages 8 and up and for 2 to 4 players. It would also make an ideal game to add to the Wizard Fun and Games Gift Basket.

For younger players, King Toad works well.

King Toad is suggested for ages 5 and up and for 2 to 6 players. In this game of cards, players add bugs to the King’s feast. The real fun comes with children (and adults) saying ‘ribbit’ and sticking tongues out to ‘catch’ the bugs needed.

Other Frog games to play (while snacking on Frog cookies and drinking Frog Juice), are Flippin Frogs or Frog Hoppers.

Flippin Frogs uses lily pad launchers to toss frogs into the rotating tree. The player with the most tree gripping frogs wins. Frog Hoppers is similar to Tiddley Winks. The bucket of frogs is emptied and then used as a target to flip the frogs back in.

Gathering around, and playing a game, is fun at anytime. Adding correlating snacks to the games only adds to the already great time. In this case, it can also create a memory of eating Frog Cookies while playing Frog Juice.

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