Create Star Banana Boats for a Fruitful Game Night Snack

Star Banana Boats are simple to make, wonderfully fun, healthy to eat, and a creative idea for a game night snack.

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Star Banana Boats

Adding charm to a game night snack table, Star Banana Boats will help set sail a fruitful night of fun and games. Although a perfect treat to offer while playing such games as Bananagrams or Apples to Apples, Star Banana Boats can be a healthy snack for players at any time. Players can enjoy munching on the boat filled treasures while playing all kinds of games.

The ingredients needed for creating the tasty ship filled with a load of beneficial bite size morsels are as follows:

  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Starfruit (Carambola)
  • Oranges

All of these can be easily found in a grocer’s produce section. Depending on the amount of people expected for game night will determine the amount of fruit needed. Usually a banana per person with about a half cup to a cup of assorted fruit for inside the banana is a good estimate.

The first steps for making Star Banana Boats are to thoroughly clean, wash, and prepare the fruit. Grapes are taken off the stems; Strawberries can be cut in halves or quarters; oranges peeled and pulled apart; Kiwi peeled and sliced; and Starfruit can be sliced.

Next is the simple cutting of the banana to create the boat. About an inch up from the bottom, cut into the peel and score the side of the banana peel, backwards with a sharp knife (stopping right before reaching the top and following the ridges of a normal peeling). The peel can now be pulled backwards and positioned on the stem with a toothpick. On top of the toothpick slip a sliced piece of starfruit.

Then, scoop out only some of the banana from inside the peel (if the entire banana is scooped out, the banana boat becomes extremely flimsy).

Once a hollow space is created in the banana, fill it with the prepared grapes, kiwi, strawberries, starfruit, and oranges. The oranges can also be used to stabilize the boats. Some banana boats rest perfectly still. Others will wobble. By placing a slice of orange on either side of the banana, the boat can be made sturdier for displaying.

To dress up the Star Banana Boat arrangement, a Kiwi Octopus, Strawberry Lobster, and Starfruit Star Fish can be placed around the boats.

To make a Kiwi Octopus, simply skin a kiwi and notch grooves down along the sides. Using 8 of the leftover strips made by forming the grooves on the kiwi, situate legs around the whole kiwi. Tiny pieces of strawberry can be inserted into the face of the kiwi (octopus) for red beady eyes.

The Strawberry Lobster is formed from halved strawberries. On two of the halves cut out triangular slivers from the center to form front pinchers. Then position 3 other halves behind the pinchers for head and body. The tail end is made by slicing a halved strawberry down at an angle and positioning two pieces of quartered strawberries along side. Eyes for the lobster can be small pieces of kiwi.

The Star Fish are merely sliced starfruit.

Star Banana Boats are fun and simple to make. Creating these for game night will only add to the entertaining and amusing time spent together with family and friends. They are a healthy and tasty snack idea which can be appreciated by all.

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