Dutch Blitz: One of the Most Popular Card Games for Multiplayers

popular card games Dutch BlitzSimple to learn, fast paced, and lots of fun; these are the main reasons why Dutch Blitz is one of the most popular card games for multiplayers.  It is very similar to an older card game called Nertz, which is played by using different designed standard playing card decks, and not the specialized Dutch Blitz card decks.  No matter which you choose to play, however, Fun is sure to be found.  You might even want to serve up Checkboard of Cheeses; a fun game night idea for snacking on during game play.

A Dutch Blitz pack offers 4 decks of 40 cards. Each deck is made up of differing colors on their faces, and different designs on their back, from another.  This is because the play of the game requires all player’s cards to get thrown into a common and central play area. The differing colors distinguish between each player’s own cards for scoring.  (Dutch Blitz expansion packs are available for more players than 4 to play- each person gets a deck)

game night idea

Checkerboard Snack

For someone just learning how to play Dutch Blitz, it can be easily learned, especially if they have ever played the game of Solitaire. The similarities to Solitaire, and Nertz, will be noticed below if you have played those card games.

To begin, players choose a deck.  They then set up in front of them a ‘Post Pile’ (which is 3 cards placed faced up), a Blitz Pile (which is 10 cards, 9 face down, 1 face up on top, beside the Post Pile), and a Wood Pile (which are the remaining cards and cards to turn from in sets of three).

A large central area in front of all players is left open and is where the Dutch Piles will be formed by all players.

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by adding cards to the central area’s Dutch Piles, and ridding one own’s cards from the Blitz Pile.

This is achieved by players placing all cards marked 1 immediately into the central area, and adding cards in ascending order (and of the same color) whenever players are able, and as fast as they can to beat other players to it.  All players can place cards on any other player’s cards when they can into the central area.

Players say ‘go’ and the fun begins.  Players add cards to Dutch Piles from any of their three piles in front of them.

Once a player has rid himself of all cards in his Blitz Pile, he yells Blitz, and scoring for the game will begin.

Each player scores 1 point for each of his cards played to the Dutch Piles.   However, each player needs to subtract 2 points for each card remaining in his Blitz Pile.

For example, a player is counted to have placed 20 cards into the central area onto Dutch Piles.  But has 5 cards left in his Blitz Pile.  His score would be 10 points.  20 points- 10 points (5 cards x2 points)= 10 points.

Another Round is played until a predetermined score is achieved by a player and is deemed the winner. (usually 75 points).

All ages, young and old, can play this game together.  That is another reason why it is great for family game nights and gatherings of friends.

Fun for all…..

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