Eric Carle’s ABC Preschool Game

caterpillarEric Carle’s ABC game brings the beloved illustrations of Carle’s ABC book to life.  Children enjoy learning about both BIG and little letters of the alphabet by finding matching animals with their letters while playing the game.  When the game begins, so does the child’s adventure of learning and fun!

Eric Carle is best known for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  First published in 1969, this book (along with many others he has since written), captures the hearts and interests of children across the globe. Giving a Eric Carle Preschool Fun and Games gift basket is one way to share his unique style of words and images which are so easily recognizable and loved by all.  The games allow players to put themselves into the imaginative world of Eric Carle!

The ABC game consists of an alphabet path board of fifty-two spaces.  It displays both BIG and little letters.  Also included are 4 animal character game pieces, a spinner, and 52 animal cards.  The object of the game is to collect the most animal cards while traveling on the winding lettered trail.

To begin, each player chooses his animal piece.  Does he want to be a Kangaroo, Penguin, Frog, or Jaguar?  The Animal Cards are spread out beside the board with the Animal side up. The youngest player spins first and turns follow to the left.

Since the spinner is made up of two rings; one with a number and one with the words BIG or little, the spin of a player gives him two choices.  He decides which he wants to move.  Does he move the numbered amount or does he move to the next space of a BIG or little letter indicated by the spin?

When landing on a space, the player searches through the cards to find the matching card of the space he has landed on.  For example, if a player spins the spinner and the arrow lands on BIG 3.  He could choose to move 3 spaces, or to the next big letter.  If, for instance, he was on the space of the BIG letter B, he could move to either the next BIG C, or forward 3 to the BIG D space.

Depending on the cards available most likely influences his decision.  If a player lands on a space of which the Animal Card has already been collected by another player, his turn is over.  The game is ended when the last player reaches finish.  The winner of the game is player who was able to collect the most Animal Cards

Learning is made a lot of fun with playing Eric Carle’s ABC game.  It also gives the opportunity for families to gather together and enjoy each other’s company.

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