Family Game Night Recipes: Checkerboard of Foods

Creative snacks prepared specifically for game night can spruce up the evening by cleverly complementing the occasion.

game night recipe

Checkerboard Snack

Munching on tasty treats is part of any family game night. The following are some quick and easy snack ideas which will supplement the fun and games. The below checkerboards of foods are non-messy, appetizing, and energizing refreshments for the whole gang to partake in; especially if one of the games being played during the night is Parcheesi.

One of the easiest and well liked snacks during game night is a straightforward tray of cheese and crackers. Boost this ordinary drab plate of cheese by creating a checkerboard of cheeses. A delightful layout of two different colored cheeses alternated on a serving dish can do the trick. However, enhance the display even more by using an actual checkerboard as a platter. An inexpensive checkerboard can be picked up at any discount store for less than a few dollars. This special checkerboard platter can be covered with clear contact paper for easy washing and can be used again and again for other family game nights.

Instead of alternating mere cheeses, a checkerboard of cheese, bologna, and crackers can be created. A decorative platter can be made by the following simple directions:

*Slice a ring of bologna into pieces about ¼ inch thick.
*Slice a favorite sharp cheese about the same thickness.

Place the slices of cheese on top of Ritz crackers and position onto the 12 beginning spaces on one side of the checkerboard platter. On the other side of the checkerboard, place slices of cheese and bologna on top of Ritz crackers and onto the other 12 spaces. These should have the bologna on top to give the appearance of separate player’s pieces or the different opponent’s checkers.

The following is another recipe for making Tiny Cracker Tuna Melts which can aslo be used as ‘checkers’ and placed on the checkerboard:
Combine one can (5 oz) of tuna with 1/4 cup Miracle Whip, and 1/8 cup chopped celery. Drop and lightly spread a Teaspoon or so of the tuna mix onto a Ritz cracker and sprinkle with yellow cheese on half of the crackers. The other half sprinkle with white cheese. The different color cheeses will illustrate the two opponent’s checkers.

Any two different food items, like vanilla and chocolate cookies or donuts, could be placed on the unique and stylish checkerboard serving tray; making the game night snacks an extraordinary and amusing display. Taking just this bit of extra time will add to the playful atmosphere and start the night of fun and games off nicely.

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