Flashlight Tag

midnightPlaying Flashlight Tag is a fun outdoor game for night time play.  It is a great activity for both younger and older players.  Although similar to the backyard game of Tag, Flashlight Tag offers a bit more chance for level play.  Instead of being all about who can outrun who (like the traditional game of Tag), this night time game is more about being still, quiet, and sneaky.

Flashlight Tag combines elements of both Hide and Seek and chase games.  It is played in a safe, dimly lit area with various hiding spots.  There are different ways to enjoy the fun!

One of the first ways to play is to choose one person to be ‘It’ at the start of play.  He will be given the only flashlight of the game.  This person stands in one spot central to the designated playing area, and allows all other players to go quickly hide in surrounding locations.  Once ready (usually after the count of 50), the players, who are hiding, will try and sneak to another hiding area without being ‘tagged’ by the player holding the flashlight.

A player is considered tagged if the light shines on any part of him.  If the play area has lots of trees, bushes, and other things to hide and sneak around, this method of playing Flashlight Tag is a lot of fun.  Players love the challenge to creep to a different spot without being seen by the player standing  in the center.  Usually the best time to move is when another, or a noise, has distracted the Tagger’s attention away from the moving players.

The Tagger is replaced by the player he tags third, no matter who it is. Another number, like the fifth tag for example, could be agreed upon before the game starts.  Plus, to keep the game going, if players are not moving, the Tagger can count to 20, and within that time (at anytime), all players must move.

Another way to play Flashlight Tag is to choose one person to be ‘It’.  Again, this person will be given the only flashlight of the game.  This player counts to 50 and waits for all other players of the game to go and hide secretly somewhere in the designated playing area.  These players must sit quiet and still in order not to be found.

After the player who is ‘It’ is done counting, he scouts out the dark area with his flashlight trying to find the other players.  If he finds someone, he holds the light on him, calls his name, and he is considered tagged.   He is sent back to ‘base’(the certain place chosen for the ‘it’ player to count) and waits for others.  The last person tagged wins the game.  The first person tagged is the next game’s ‘It’.

The last way to play is for all players to receive a flashlight.  Within a large dark playing area, all players quickly go and hide in different directions and locations, keeping all lights off.  Players begin to move quietly and sneakily around.  If coming upon another player, he shines his light on him and he is considered tagged.  The tagged player returns to base and waits for others.  The last player to not be tagged wins, and the game can begin again!

Kids enjoy playing Flashlight Tag.  Getting outdoors at night, when it is just a little spooky, gives kids an excitement they can have fun with.  So go ahead and plan a time for some night time thrills.

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