Fun and Games Gift Basket for a Young Girl

Creating a fun and games gift basket for a young girl can be as simple as filling a stylish purse with some of the following suggested items which are especially suited for young girls.

fun and games gift basket

Game Gift Basket for Younger Girl

Instead of using a gift bag, basket, or throw away paper to conceal a gift, a person can choose to use a container which ultimately becomes part of the gift assortment and is appreciated all year round.  For a young girl this holder can be a trendy purse or tote bag. Filling the purse with some of the following fun and games ideas will create a special and delightful gift for any young girl to enjoy.

Inexpensive items like flavored chap sticks, designer pencils or pens, fancy shaped notepads, nail polish, scented hand lotions, perfumes, miniature photo albums, or other similar cool items can be placed within the bag.  The girl will have fun sorting through the variety of interesting objects.  Adding an exciting game or two to the arrangement will complete the array.

There are many popular games which are available in keychain size.  Girls often like to attach fanciful and entertaining keychains to their bags.  The tiny fully functional games, like operation or boggle, can be just the thing to fasten to a bag.  Not only will it provide them with something to do when bored or traveling, it provides a way for them to offer fun to others.

Card games will also make great additions to place in the gift collection.  Suggestions on a game in which a young girl may like are Sleeping Queens, Wig Out, or Rat-a-Tat-Cat.  All three of these games are quick to learn and fast to play.

Sleeping Queens contains a deck of 79 cards packed with kings, knights, jesters, dragons, wands, potions, and of course the queens.  The object of the game is to wake the sleeping queens.  The wonderful and charming theme, along with the whimsical characters and actions, makes the game a perfect choice for a young girl’s gift bag.

In the game of Wig Out, players race to match wacky hairstyles.  As soon as  players are ready, someone yells, “Go” and players begin the frantic rush to get rid of all their cards.  From the tossing of pigtail cards to mohawk cards, the deck of 60 is a swift game of quirky fun.

The Rat-a-Tat-Cat card game can give another amusing time. Through the drawing and discarding of cards (numbered 0 to 9), players strive to have 4 cards with the least amount.  The strategy is usually keep the cats, get rid of the rats!  For a young girl who likes animals, especially cats, this game will certainly be welcomed.

By surrounding an enjoyable game with a wide variety of other small personable items, and then placing them all within a stylish bag, an ideal gift for a young girl is created.  The fun and games gift basket (or purse/bag in this case) is a thoughtful present which will be appreciated by any young girl.

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