Fun Camping Game of There’s a Moose in the House!

camp card game There’s a Moose in the House by Gamewright is a great card game to play while camping.  Even if you plan on camping where there aren’t any moose, the game still brings outdoor excitement to the table.  Who knows what other animal can get into your ‘house’ or tent?!

The box is small in size, making it ideal for packing, but deals out large amounts of laughter.  There’s a Moose in the House provides lasting camp time memories for all who play!

It is recommended for 2 to 5 players and for ages 8 and up.  However, the game can be enjoyed easily by younger players since the rules are simple to learn and follow.  Parents and children alike will want to play again and again!  It is a wonderful family game.

The 58 cards consist of the following:

camping game20 Empty Room Cards
20 Moose in the Room Cards
10 Moose going into the House Cards
5 Door Cards
3 Moose Trap Cards

As an example is shown on right (the bedroom), each empty room card has a matching moose filled room card!


The game begins by the dealer passing out four cards to each player.  The rest of the cards are placed face down in a pile for all players to draw from.  Players keep their cards secret.

There's a Moose in the House room cardsEach player starts with an empty ‘house’ (space) in front of them.  Players attempt to fill any of his opponent’s ‘houses’ with as many Moose as possible.  The winner of the game is the player with the least amount of moose in his ‘house’ at the end.

One of the unique actions of Moose in the House is players play cards to their opponent’s house and not his own.  The only card a player plays on his own house is a Door card.  The Door card is played on an Empty Room Card and keeps the Moose out.

In order to fill a room with a moose, the player must have a ‘Moose going into the House’ card placed in front of him.  Once this card is placed, it stays for the entire game and any player can then fill the ‘house’.

Players compete to place empty room cards (Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, or Bedroom) in their opponent’s houses, and later place on top the matching moose filled room cards on top, in order to win.  Trying to keep moose out of the house has never been so much fun!

There's a Moose in the House game cardsA Moose Trap could be set to help with the matter!  If a player is trying to put a Moose in your house and you have a Moose Trap card, you can play this card immediately to ‘discard the Moose!’

As you can imagine, children (and adults) just find the placing of Moose in a House humorous.  The more players get into the game, the more laughs are created.  Slipping a Moose in someone else’s Kitchen and saying “Do you have any Moostard?” or “Can I please have a Moosage?” is sure to make kids giggle!

Don’t be surprised if after the camping trip is over, There’s a Moose in the House continues to want to be played.  Your kids may even ask for a pet moose!


Play a game today!


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