Fun in the Snow Games

The next time a layer of snow covers the ground, be ready to play some fun snow games with the kids.  Although getting outside and playing in the fresh snow is always a thrill, the playing of snow games adds to the excitement and creates memorable moments for all.  Some suggestions for games are as follows.

The first game is called Snow Darts.  This game requires a squirt bottle that is filled with a bit of red food coloring mixed with water to mark out the ‘dart board’, and a bag of carrots to throw as darts.  (After the game, the carrots can be used on snowman making)

To begin, players first create the ‘dart board.’  This is accomplished in a few steps, literally.  Have players stomp down a circular patch of snow about 10 to 20 feet away from a designated spot for players to throw their ‘snow darts’.  Once the area is smoothed flat, mark one large outer circle (about 3 feet in diameter), with a smaller circle (about 1 foot diameter) inside the larger circle, by using the spray bottle of colored water.

snow gamesAfter the board is made, pass out three carrots to each player.  (if carrots are not available, snow balls can easily be made instead. Depending on the pack-ability of the snow, they can be made a little more oblong to resemble slender darts, if wanted).

No matter the kind of snow dart used (carrot or snowball), the object of the game is to score the most points within three rounds of throws.  Players take turns throwing three darts per round at the dart board.  A player will receive 5 points for hitting inside the smaller circle and 1 point for hitting inside the large circle.  After three rounds, the winner is the player with the most points.

SnowManDown is another snow game which requires the use of the colored water spray bottle and carrots again.  To create the board for this game, pack down a section of snow to mark three different and consequential circles.  The first circle (closest to the line of throw) is the largest; the middle circle drawn on top of the large circle is next in size, and then a small circle is drawn on top of that.  The playing surface is a SnowManDown on the ground and his bottom should be at least 12 feet away from the throwing line.

Players take turns throwing their carrots, and trying to hit ONLY the small circle furthest away.  This is where the snowman’s carrot nose should go.  Players receive 10 points for hitting the smallest circle.  However, if they miss and hit one of the other circles, they lose points.  If a player throws a carrot into the middle circle, he loses 1 point.  If he hits the largest circle at the bottom, he loses 3 points.

Each player will throw 3 carrots in each of three rounds of play.  The winner is the player who has accumulated the most points.

Frosty’s Top Hat game begins by all players working together to create a snowman.  The snowman can be made any way players like.  After he is finished, the game of Frosty’s Top Hat is played.  Players take turns trying to throw a snowball into Frosty’s Top Hat on top of his head (turn it upside down), or trying to throw Frosty’s Top Hat onto his head.  The winner is the first player to do so.  And you can always play again!

Playing in the snow is lots of fun.  But, taking your best shot (with a carrot, snowball, or hat) in the snow adds something special to the time.


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