Fun Outdoor Game of Moon and Morning Stars

outdoor gamePlaying the daring game of Moon and Mornings Stars gives kids a reason to be outside and have a lot fun!  There are a few things necessary for this excitement, though.  The sun needs to be shining and a large shadow from either a tree or house needs to be present.  If you have these, and at least 4 energetic players, you have all the items required to enjoy a wonderful and memorable time!

The game begins by choosing one person to be the Moon.  Since the moon belongs to the night, this player’s boundaries are determined by the shadow.  He moves only within the shadow and is not allowed to pass beyond the lines of the shade where he would enter the bright sunshine.

All other players are the Morning Stars.  These players belong to the sun and so they begin play by standing in the sun. The Morning Stars can enter the shade if adventurous enough, though!  And here is the fun of the game.

As the Morning Stars run, skip, and dance around in the sunlight, the Moon says the following tauntingly:

“O the Moon and the Morning Stars,
O the Moon and the Morning Stars!
Who dares to tread within the shadow?”

Whoever is daring of the Morning Stars to tread within the shadow risks capture by the Moon!

The Morning Stars attempt to enter the shadow without being tagged by the Moon.  They choose to enter and leave at any time they wish. The Moon tries to tag them while in his shadow.  This type of play is great for both those of brave, and those of timid, personalities. The brave quickly rush in with confidence.  The timid try to cleverly slip into the shadow and back out again, gaining confidence each time they escape.

The Moon needs to be on alert for both and all Morning Stars who try to pass through his territory!  As one player dashes by, others may attempt to sneak within during his time of distraction.  A smart Moon is usually aware of these approaches and so the Morning Stars may want to try other strategies!

The game of Moon and Morning Stars is enjoyed by young and older players together.  Since the players choose when to move in and out of the shadow, and the Moon can form his own strategy of capture, by either pretending to be unaware of approaching stars or by faking a dash towards another player to only quickly turn around and tag the player slipping in from behind, the game allows for players to competitively play at their level.  It isn’t always about who runs the fastest, or who is the oldest.  Lots of times it is about who is being the cleverest; the Moon or the Stars?

Plan to play the next time the sun shines!

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