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outdoor game board for Sun DialPlaying outdoor games in the warm weather is a lot of fun! The backyard game of Sun Dial gets kids away from the electronics and back to a time when there wasn’t any. They won’t miss those gadgets of today at all, though! They will be having fun spinning to a different one of the past. The game is played with 2 or more players, and by all ages!

Before playing the game, a Sun Dial is marked on the ground. Using white spray chalk for the grass, or chalk sticks on a paved surface, create a circle about 15 to 20 feet in diameter. Within this large circle, draw 6 lines intersecting each other to form 12 different pie-like sections. These sections are then marked consecutively with numbers 1 thru 12, and complete the Sun Dial ‘game board’ (like shown).

It is now time to play!

One player is chosen to go first. He is blindfolded, positioned in the center of the Sun Dial, and turned around a few times so he does not know what direction he faces.

He walks around the Sun Dial and stops when saying the last word of the following rhyme:

“Dickery, dickery, dock;
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock’s bells sound,
The mouse runs around;
Dickery, dickery, dock.

Whatever numbered section of the Sun Dial the player stops in, is the amount of points he receives for the round.

For example, if the player stops within the section marked with the number 8, the player then scores a number 8. However, if he stops outside the large circle he scores a zero. And if he stops on a line, say between the 8 or 9, the lower number, is his score.

Taking turns, each player attempts to stop in the section of high noon or 12! The winner of the game is the first player to score a total of points pre-decided upon. If there are less than 5 players, 50 points as goal, is a good amount. But, if there are lots of players, and time playing the game becomes longer because the number of players to finish a round takes longer, then 25 points is enough to choose a winner!

Getting outside, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, is more of what playing the game Sun Dial is about. Whether a player wins or loses, he is still going to have a great TIME!

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  1. Warmer months are arriving to South America. We´ll try this game after school. Thanks

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