Game Night Recipe: The Cake to Die for

Don’t just bake any ordinary cake for a game night snack. Follow the below game night recipe and create a Cake to Die for.

game night recipe

The Cake to Die for

This easy to bake and decorate cake will dice up any refreshment table for the game night snacks.  Placed in the center of other delicious treats or on its own, The Cake to Die for will add appeal and will be a winning roll for the tasty arrangement.

Preparing a remarkable centerpiece doesn’t have to take long. Basically any cake recipe can be used for the creation of the Cake to Die for.  If out shopping though, the SuperMoist white cake by Betty Crocker is a simple mix which works well and can be picked up specifically for the occasion.  All that is needed with this mix is water, eggs, and oil.  Blend the ingredients together for a nice smooth batter and pour into the appropriate sized pan.

The cake batter should be spread into a 13X9 pan and baked for the recommended time found on the mix or the recipe for the particular type of cake chosen.  Once the cake is cooled (about an hour), the cake can be cut into the correct number and size of pieces in order to make the wonderful dice shape.

First cut the cake in half and slice off the extra ½ inch from the sides for the forming of two 6X9.  Then cut 3 inches off of each 6X9 and place these two pieces together for the total of three 6×6 layers.  All three layers should be stacked on top of each other for the shape of the square dice to be constructed.

The cake is now ready to be decorated.  Almost any color of a Cake to Die for can be designed by adding food coloring to white icing or purchasing icing already colored.  To make the red and white Cake to Die for, red food coloring is added to white icing and applied.  Pips are added by placing Nonpareils onto the sides of the cake.  For a white and black die, the frosting could be left white and pips could be made with Oreo cookie tops.

Pips on an actual die are paired together so that the opposites add to seven.  The 6 and the 1, the 5 and the 2 and the 3 and the 4 should be placed on opposite sides of the cake.   Although this is a minor detail and not necessary, any serious gamers may notice and make comment.

The spectacular and creative die cake only takes a little bit of sculpting but will add a lot of fun to any game night.

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