Healthy Game Night Recipe of Pineapple Boats

game night recipe

Pineapple Boat

The healthy and tasty game night recipe of Pineapple Boats is a lot of fun and easy to make.  The fruity morsels arranged within the core of a pineapple ship, presents a tempting assortment of bite size goodness.  Displayed alongside an octopus made from a kiwi, a lobster formed by strawberries, and starfish sliced from a starfruit, the pineapple boat for a game night snack table will start the night off with a splash.

If the pineapple boat is placed near gamers, decorative food sticks can be supplied and used by players to fish out a nibble or two from the vessel whenever wanted.  Plastic tropical fish sticks are ideal for the oceanic and fruitful theme.

The following ingredients are needed to create the appealing ship load of treasures:

  • Pineapples
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Starfruit
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Bananas

Start with thoroughly washing and preparing all fruit.

Then, it’s time to create the pineapple boat.  Begin by slicing off half of a side of a pineapple.  Leave the fanciful crown attached by angling down at the top.  The same can be done slightly at the bottom for a closed end.  Next, cut the core of the pineapple out and discard.  To make a larger ‘bowl’ for the inserting of additional fruit, scoop or cut some of the remaining pineapple out; leaving about a half inch or more along all sides for strength.

After the ship bowl is formed, pieces of pineapple, grapes, wedges of oranges and apples, quartered strawberries, slivers of kiwi, slices of bananas and starfruit can be added.  The different and colorful fruits make an attractive and healthy display.

To add to the presentation, a Kiwi Octopus, Strawberry Lobster, and Star fish fruit can be formed.  Directions for making these are shared and found while making Star Banana Boats.  The same fruitful and oceanic theme is used in creating those whimsical boats.  Both, the Star Banana and Pineapple boats, make a great snack idea when playing fruitful named games, like bananagrams.

However, these boats can be easily transformed into a pirate themed display.  If planning on games of plundering fun, pirate flag food sticks can be used instead of tropical fish.  If wanted, a garland of pirate flag pennants can be used for decoration also.

Game nights are great fun for all.  Children can help make the refreshments being offered.  The creating of the banana or pineapple boats and charming sea creatures will add to their fun and provide a wholesome and nourishing snack for all players.


Make a treat and play a game today!

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