How to Make a Blokus Game Cake

Blokus is a popular family game night game.  It is fun and challenging for players of a variety of ages.  The all-encompassing family game allows each player, no matter his age, to test his strategic skills (at his level) and compete in the night of games.  Don’t be surprised if the youngest player of the game wins against the oldest!

The award winning Blokus inspires the perfect family game night idea.  Instead of serving an ordinary snack while playing Blokus, the following instructions show how to make a Blokus Cake.  This tasteful treat will add charm to the night and is sure to entertain all players.  The finished snack looks like a Blokus game in progress and is simple to make.

Only a few supplies are needed:

Cake Mix (or favorite cake recipe)
Primary Colored Fondant
The Blokus Game Pieces

Begin by baking a cake in any square pan, and let cool.  Apply a layer of white icing.  (if wanted, a little black food coloring could be added to the icing for a ‘grey’ game board like the actual game board)

While the cake is baking, create the Blokus game pieces for later placement on the cake (game board).  These are formed out of primary colored fondant (shown right).  Since the actual Blokus game pieces are made from durable plastic, and easily washable, they are used as patterns to create the cake’s game pieces.

Roll out enough fondant, on a sheet of wax paper (of each of the four colors), for the cutting out of pieces.   Depending on the size of cake will determine the number of pieces needed. (I used an 8×8 pan and created 5 pieces of each color)

Press an actual Blokus piece onto the flat, thin, surface of the rolled fondant.  Then cut-out the shape of the piece by using a sharp knife.  What is so wonderful is the gridded pattern of the game piece will transfer to the cake’s piece made out of fondant.

Tip: After rolling out the fondant, lift off the wax paper before pressing.  This eliminates the possible sticking of the finished, formed piece and allows the piece to keep its exact shape.

Tip:  Let each game piece ‘dry’ for about 10 minutes before placing on the cake board.  This allows the piece to become stiffer (not so flimsy) and makes for easier placement.

After the cake is iced, and pieces formed, the final step is to place the pieces on the cake. If wanted, the cake could be gridded by measuring out the squares and marking the straight lines with a string of dental floss.

I didn’t do this.  I simply placed the pieces on the cake by following the rules of the game.  Each color begins in a corner and expands outward.

The different colored, and shaped pieces, positioned on the cake, corner to corner, make for the appearance of a Blokus game board.  Placed on any game night refreshment table, it will surely disappear and be enjoyed!



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