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I spy gameLooking for fun?  I SPY books and games offer tons of excitement and exploration for both parents and kids! Once any of the I SPY products are spotted, a person doesn’t need to look any further then into the amazing pages of the books, or the colorful cards of the games, for fun!  They certainly give all a challenging, but highly enjoyable, task.

I SPY captures the thrill of the childhood guessing game we probably all remember playing on car trips.  In this game, a player would choose an object for others to guess.  It was visible to all and so play began with, ‘I Spy with my little eye something ‘….’; the player would complete the sentence with either the color of the object or the letter of the alphabet it began with.  Many miles were passed in happiness while playing this.

Now, many hours can be enjoyed by seeking out the items in the I SPY products at home!

The different themed books available, like I SPY Christmas or I SPY Spooky Night, are like games.  Each one includes the challenge:

“Picture riddles fill this book;
Turn the pages!  Take a look!
Use your mind, use your eye;
Read the riddles- play I SPY!”  

Beautiful, creative, and interesting, the pictures of I SPY grab everyone’s attention and encourage players to be extra observant and to think imaginatively.  The items listed across the bottom of the pages are in the images to be found!  Can you find them all?  I think some are still looking for the Queen in February’s I SPY Year-Round Challenger!

board gameOffered along with I SPY books are I SPY games.  The one my family loves to play on game nights is I Spy Eagle Eye.  Recommended for ages 5 and up, and 1 to 4 players, the game includes Spy boards, cards, and a bell for ‘fast furious fun!’

Play begins with each player receiving their own Spy board.  Players then take turns flipping over a card from the pile of Spy cards placed in the center of the table.  On each card is one item which can be found on a player’s card.  Whoever finds this item on his card first rings the bell!  Play doesn’t stop there.  Players continue to search for an item matching, card to board, and yells out, second, third, or fourth (if 4 players).  Each player receives points based on how quick he found it in comparison to the others.

A player wins when a pre-determined point total is achieved.  We usually play to about 20 or 30.  Sometimes, though, it is just fun to play a few quick rounds and not keep score.  The laughter and excitement in trying to find the items is winning enough for all!

So, if looking for fun, be sure to seek out the thrills found in I SPY!

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