In a Pickle by Gamewright

The award winning game of In a Pickle by Gamewright fits nicely into any family game night.  And fitting in is what matters most in playing the cards of In a Pickle.  The game encourages creative thinking and gets players asking questions about what fits inside of what! Players who think outside of the box are sure to find this game challenging fun!

Recommended for ages 10 and up, for 2-6 players, and taking around 20 minutes to play, In a Pickle has players sizing up everything.  It also gets players to consider all meanings, types, and uses of words.  In attempting to play a card during the game, players think up some of the most extreme scenarios, and this, of course, sparks large amounts of laughter!

gamewright card gameThe box includes 320 cards featuring nouns for playing the game.  To begin, each player is dealt five cards.  They keep these cards hidden from other players.  Four cards are then placed face up in the center of the table in a plus like sign (as shown).

Taking turns, players may choose to play a card from their hand which either fits inside or is larger than one of the cards in play.  If it fits inside, then the card is placed behind the card.  If it is larger than the card already played, it is placed on top.

gamewright game cardsFor example, a player could decide to place a Tooth card behind the Envelope card.  A Tooth would fit inside an envelope.  The next player could decide to place a Bedroom card on top of the Envelope card in play.  A bedroom is larger than an envelope or an envelope can fit inside a bedroom.

Cards in a player’s hand are not always so easily placed, though.  Players may need to get creative when playing a card.  For example, a Cavity card may be placed to fit inside a tooth.  However, Cavity has various meanings.  It could be larger than a tooth as well; if it is taken to be mean a large crevice and a person (with a tooth) could fit inside that ‘Cavity’.  A player must be prepared to explain his reasoning for placing a card, because he could be challenged.

The goal of the game is to win the most rows.  When a player places the fourth card, he claims the row.  At this time the game goes into what is called a Pickle Round.  This round allows all other players one last chance to ‘steal’ the row by playing a card that is larger than the outermost card.  The initial player who claimed the row will have the final chance to play a card to retake the row if another player had since ‘stolen’ it.

Depending on how many players of In a Pickle determines the needed amount of rows to be considered the winner!  When only 2 players are playing, five rows gained wins a game.  For 3 or 4 players, four rows decide the big winner.  And when there are 5 to 6 players, three rows completes the game.

Thinking creatively, In a Pickle players find ways to fit anything into anything. And the game can certainly fit into your next family game night!

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