Jail Bars Make a Perfect Game Night Snack

Since the Monopoly game board includes the notorious spaces, ‘Go to Jail’ and ‘In Jail’ (or just visiting), cookie Jail Bars make a unique, correlating snack to offer when playing the board game.  Not only do they provide a delicious treat, but they are an entertaining snack to add to a family game night of fun!  Players will love them.

They can even be served when playing other ‘crime’ games, like Clue or Scotland Yard.  The cookie bars are easy to make which is one of the best things about them.  Planning a game night remains stress-free and more enjoyable when the treats, like these Jail Bars, or others like Scrabble Bites and Jenga Cheese Towers, provide an amusing, creative addition, but don’t take a lot of time to do so.

To make Jail Bars, simply follow the recipe for cookies on the back of the chocolate chip bag.  Instead of making individual cookies, spread the entire mixed batter onto a cookie sheet.  This makes a perfect pan cookie to later cut into squares and decorate for the Jail Bars.

After baking the pan cookie, and allowing time for it to cool, apply a thin layer of white vanilla icing to the top surface of the pan cookie.  Let this icing set for a few minutes, and then go ahead and cut into about two and one half by two and one half inch ‘jail cells’.

Now the cells are ready to finish decorating.  To provide the appearance of jail bars, use black cookie icing with a narrow writing tip. First apply vertical lines for the bars.  Then, near center, draw two horizontal lines and fill in one block for the lock on the jail cell.  Know they do not have to exact!  They are all going to be eaten so quickly, detailing every single bar precisely is not necessary.

An interesting tweak to the rules, to include the Jail Bar treats, could be made when playing the game of Monopoly.  When a player receives a ‘Go to Jail’ sentence and is waiting to ‘Get out of Jail’, he gets to pick a ‘Jail Bar’ to eat!  Kids love this added rule to the game.  They certainly don’t mind heading off to jail as much, anyway.

Baking a special treat that connects to the game being played gives a boost to the fun gathering.  Another super easy game night snack idea, for making when playing Monopoly, is Monopoly Tarts!  These treats simulate the properties on the Monopoly Board.  Because the game is such a classic, Monopoly Tarts can be served on any game night.

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