LCR Dice Game can be a Fun Party Game

The LCR dice game may not be a game for serious gamers but can provide a lot of fun with its simple way for entertainment.

lcr dice gameSince the dice game of LCR is a game of pure chance, competitive or serious gamers usually do not enjoy playing it. However, when the roll of the dice determines not only the winner of a game but the winner of an additional prize, everyone can get excited. This added option makes LCR a great game to play at a party. Because LCR is played knowing there isn’t anything but chance involved, players can just relax and have fun playing. They can enjoy getting to know each other better while each player takes turns rolling the dice.

LCR includes three dice and numerous chips. Each die has three blank sides and three sides with either the letter L, C, or R on them. The letters of L, C, and R stands for Left, Center, and Right. The game begins with each player receiving three chips to place in front of them. Players start rolling the dice which determines the movement of the chips. If an L is rolled, a chip gets passed to the player on the Left. If a C is rolled then a chip goes in the Center (or pot). If an R is rolled then a chip goes to the Right. And if a blank is rolled, the chip stays with the roller.

As chips get passed, players may have more or less than three chips. A player can only ever roll three dice even if they have more chips, but if they have less than three a player rolls accordingly. Two chips, two dice. One chip, one die. None, then the player is out. The last player with a chip wins the game.

This is where the added prize comes in. There are various options on how this can be done. The first option is to replace the chips with money. Instead of three chips, each player could begin with three quarters, dollars, or whatever amount of money. The winner of a game played in this instance would receive all the money. If there were ten players, each with three dollars, then the ‘chance’ of winning 30 dollars will certainly intensify the game and bring a thrill to the winner.

Another option is to have in the center of the game table an unknown wrapped prize. It could be a prank gift or a serious gift. The idea of rolling for an additional ‘something’ creates excitement while playing. This can be especially true if the gift is unknown. If players feel the ‘prize’ is a prank, all the players continue to be engaged watching for the outcome of the game.

Players may not want to win, but since the game is chance, they haven’t any control over the matter. This can add a lot of laughs and uneasiness to the rolling of dice. The wondering of who is going to end up winning the unknown prize (possible prank) creates a pleasant and amusing tenseness.

LCR can be played by all ages and at many different types of gatherings or parties. The game is quick, simple, and with the added incentive (or fear of it) LCR makes a fun game for anytime a group gets together.

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