Make a Fun and Games Recipe and Take a Bite out of Fish Tank Jell-O

game night recipeAlmost everyone has played the game of Go Fish!  Children love to play the quick and easy to learn game.  But the next time Go Fish is played, surprise the kids by making Fish Tank Jell-O and they will love it even more.  Serving the simple to make treat (and adding an additional Fish Tank Jell-O rule) will spruce up the ordinary card game of Go Fish. Parents might even end up enjoying the game of Go Fish more too!

Go Fish is played with a standard deck of cards.  The game begins by dealing out seven cards to each player and placing the extra cards into a central grab area called the ocean.  The object of the game is to attain the most matches.

Players take turns asking other players of their choice if they have a card which would match with one found in their own hand.  If the asked player has the card, it must be given and the player can ask someone new or ask for another card.  If the asked player does not have the card, he tells the player, “GO FISH!”  That player then picks a card from the ocean and it is the next person’s turn.  Once all cards are matched (4 of a kind), each player counts their own matches.  The player with the most wins.

However, in a game which includes Fish Tank Jell-O, a bonus rule is added.  For every time a player is told to ‘Go Fish’, they can take a bite out of their dish of yummy blue Jell-O, along with taking a card from the ocean.  Players, who are extra hungry, may end up asking for cards they know the other players don’t have, just so they can take a bite of their snack.  The added rule lessens the disappointment of asking for a card the other player doesn’t have.  Being told to ‘Go Fish’ has never been so inviting.

Fish Tank Jell-O is simply berry blue Jell-O with gummy fish and/or sharks placed within or on top of the pan.  Although super easy to make, the additional fun to the game makes it difficult to not want to play another round.  Another snack which could be offered are the tiny Goldfish crackers.  Instead of taking bites out of Jell-O, they can grab bites of the Goldfish.

Big Fish, Lil Fish is a card game which can also be played while serving the fish themed treat.  Here the correlating game recipe is just enjoyed as a special snack.  Decorating and creating foods especially for the games in play, helps generate an enthusiastic and entertaining surrounding.  The time of games becomes more of an overall fun experience and not just about who wins or loses.

Play a game today!

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