Milton Bradley’s Old 1910 Grandma’s Game of Riddles

The old 1910 Grandma’s Game of Riddles is part of a series of six games by Milton Bradley which taught players on a wide range of topics.

old milton bradley game of riddlesMilton Bradley in the early twentieth century brought out a series of six games. The title’s of which are as follows:

Grandma’s Game of Riddles
Grandma’s Geographical Game
Grandma’s New Testament Game
Grandma’s Old Testament Game
Grandma’s Arithmetical Game
Grandma’s Game of Useful Knowledge

The games were filled with questions pertaining to their titles and encouraged players to learn while having fun. Other game companies, like McLoughlin Bros., had produced their own trivia style games throughout the mid and late 1800’s. Similar in play, these games each share an interesting glance at the issues and subjects which people of the time valued.

The Game of Riddles is especially cherished. Teaching children and adults to reason and think in the past, the game still does the same even after over 100 years. Even though some of the riddles found within the game are well known today, many of them have been forgotten and are quite amusing to hear once again. Of all the things that have changed through the years, riddles still hold their charm.

The game consists of 119 cards and an answer booklet. To play, one player is considered the teacher and keeps the answer booklet. The cards are then dealt to players called scholars. Beginning with the player to the left of the Teacher, scholars take turns reading their cards and answering the riddle. If he is unable to answer, the next player gives it a try. Whoever answers the riddle correctly places the card in front of him and play moves to the following player. If no one is able to answer correctly, the card is passed to the Teacher who reads the answer and keeps the card.

Some of the entertaining questions are: (answers will be provided at the bottom)

1-Where is happiness always to be found?
2-Which is the smallest bridge in the world?
3-Why are A, E, and U the handsomest of the vowels?
4-Why is the letter L like a priceless gem?
5-Why is a worn-out shoe like ancient Greece?
6-Why is your nose and chin always at variance?
7-Why is the world like a piano?
8-Why do we look over a stone wall?
9-On which side of a church does the yew-tree grow?
10-What is it that everyone thinks of in telling a riddle, and every one thinks of on hearing it?

The simple game of riddles could be taken out at anytime and provide a bit of leisurely and relaxing fun. It was a game enjoyed by all.

(Answers-1-In the dictionary 2-the bridge of the nose 3-because you can’t have beauty without them 4-because it is in valuable 5-because it once had a Solon (sole on) 6-because words are constantly passing between them 7-because it is full of sharps and flats 8-we cannot look through it 9-outside- 10-the answer)

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