Mini-Golf Beach Game

beach gameA fun day at the beach can include a game of Beach Mini-Golf.  Kids love it!  They use their imaginations to create an exciting golf course all of their own, and then happily take on the challenging play.  The sand traps all who join in for this adventure and keeps the beach up to par!

To play, a mini-golf set and a course is all that is needed.  An inexpensive, plastic mini-golf set can be usually found in toy sections of stores.  The golf course, of course, is made from the sand at the beach!  Depending on how energetic the players are determines the number of holes and types of obstacles made on the course.

At least three different holes or sections should be created for a mini-golf game.  A simple straight shot is usually first.  This gets the game going and provides players with some practice before getting to the more difficult levels. Players receive a point for each try it takes them to get their balls in the hole.  The player with the least amount of points at the end of the full course wins the game!
The first hole is made by simply forming 2 to 3 inch sand walls along a 6 foot stretch that is about 3 feet wide, with a circular space at the end.  In the center of the circle, dig out a bit of sand for the ‘hole’.  This is Hole One.  Players hit the mini-golf ball from the beginning of the 6 foot pathway and try to get it in the hole in the circle.

The next hole could require a player hitting the ball through a volcano!  Players pile up a mound of sand in shape of a volcano and then dig a tunnel through its base.  Like hole one, create a pathway (with walls) leading to the front of the volcano’s tunnel.  On the other side, finish this section with a short path to another circular area, which includes Hole Two.  (Once the golf game is over, players might want to play ‘Stop the Volcano’ with this part.  It is another fun beach game).

Hole Three could include the player hitting his golf ball over a ramp.  A pathway is made with a ramp at the end that soars the golf ball to Hole Three’s area.  If players do not hit the ball strong enough, their ball falls into a trap.  This ‘trap’ is made at the end of the ramp’s base.  It is a large dug out area of sand that players do not want to get their ball into!  If they do, they need to start at the beginning of this section and try hitting the ball over the ramp again.

Further sections could involve going over bridges, past cliffs, around sculptures of sharks or sand monsters, maneuvering curved pathways, or whatever else children think of!

beach game of mini golf sand castleA good way to finish off the course is by the final hole including a sand castle.  Shown is a castle which requires a player to hit his ball up a ramp way, through the sand castle, and into the Final Hole on the other side.  Players need to cross a moat before doing so, though.

The making and playing of beach Mini-Golf is enough to last the entire day at the beach!  Kids enjoy the opportunity to create their very own course and building with sand is one of the best ways to do so!  It’s definitely fun in the sun!

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