New Card Game of Zigity by Cranium

The Zigity card game is filled with amusing characters which provide players various and clever ways to place down their cards.

Zigity card game

Zigity Card Game

The game of Zigity is a relatively new card game published by Cranium in 2004.  To win a player must be the first to get rid of all of his or her cards from their hand.  Given a mixture of options on how to build and create sets, a player is always wondering and strategizing exactly which cards to set down, literally.  The card game is all about building sets.

Getting ready to play Zigity is simple.  The cards are shuffled and players each receive seven cards to start.  The rest of the deck is placed face down as the draw pile.  From the draw pile, the top card is turned over and placed face up next to it. (The first card must be a Set card).

There are three types of cards in the game.  The Set cards, the Free cards, and the Action cards are all a fun part of Zigity.  The Set cards involve witty characters which determine the kind of set a player must create.  The different character names are Word Worm, Data Head, Creative Cat, and Star Performer.  Depending on which set card is face up next to the draw pile decides which set needs to be built upon first.  They are as follows:

  • Word Worm:  (Yellow)  Players spell a word with letters found in the top left corner.
  • Data Head:  (Red)  Players place cards down adding numbers,(found in top right) to the sum of 11.
  • The Creative Cat:  (Blue)  Players complete a puzzle which is found in the bottom left side.
  • Star Performer: (Green)   Players match the musical instrument found in the bottom right.
cranium zigity set cards

Zigity Set Cards

Free cards allow a player to decide which type of set card it will represent.  For example if a player wanted to spell the word FUN and only had an U and a N, the free card could be the F and the player could create a complete set and place his cards into the pile.

Action cards allow players to either ‘Dodge’ their turn, ‘Bounce’ the order of play or instruct the next player to ‘Draw’ cards.  The ‘next player’ in this instance is left with two options: They could either draw the amount on the card or play another action card.

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