Old Game of Great Artists by Parker Brothers

old parker brothers game of Great ArtistsThe old Game of Great Artists by Parker Brothers dates back to the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  This unique set of fifty-six cards depicts works of art by well-known painters.  Like many of the games played during this time, the game of Great Artists offered a wonderful teaching and learning source for players.

Great Artists is similar to another game published by Parker Brothers in 1897 called Favorite Art.  This game consists of fifty-six cards and displays fantastic works, as well.  Today, either of these sets makes a fascinating collectible and captures a player’s interest.

The game is played by three to eight players.  All cards are shuffled and dealt to the players, one by one. A player’s goal is to collect a matching set of four cards from the same artist.  Each card displays a letter and the title of the work at the top.  The artist’s image is featured in the center.  The name of the artist, city, and year are directly underneath this picture.  At the bottom is a list of titles of the artist’s three other works which would make a set for the player.

On each player’s turn, the player asks any other player of his choice for a card that will help him reach his goal of completing a set.  In order to ask for a card, he must have at least one of the artist’s cards in his own hand. If he is successful in obtaining the card asked for, he goes again.  If not, play passes to the left.

The winner of the game is the player with the most matches at the end.  The game ends when all matches have been made.

The Artists and examples of their works included in the game are as follows:

Great Artists game cardsA) Raphael, Rome, 1483
Madonna of the Fish
Saint Cecilia
Madonna Di San Sisto
B) Rubens, Antwerp, 1577
Henry IV
His Second Wife
Duke of Buckingham
Marie de Medicis

old parker brothers game cards of great artistsC) Rembrandt, Holland, 1606
Rembrandt and His Wife
Portrait of Himself
The Mill
The Burgomasters

D) Murrillo, Spain, 1618
Immaculate Conception
Saint Anthony and Christ

old game cards of great artists parker brothersE) Landseer, England, 1802
Waiting for Master
Red Deer of Chillingham
Dignity and Impudence

F) Millet, France, 1814
The Shepherdess
Going to Work
The Angelus
Feeding Her Birds

parker brothers game cardsG) Meissonier, France, 1815
The Painter
Flemish Smoker
The Sergeant’s Portrait

H) Roas Bonheur, France, 1822
Denizens of the Highlands
An Humble Servant
A Noble Charger
An Old Monarch

old parker brothers game cardsI) Jean Aubert, France, 1824
Conference of Cupids
“Menu De L’Amour”
The Wings of Love
Cupid’s Captives

J) Bouguereau, France, 1825
A Wasp’s Nest
Virgin Consolator
Songs of Spring
Our Lady of the Angels

K) Millais, England, 1829
Princes in the Tower
Effie Deans
The Huguenot

L) Leighton, England, 1830
Orpheus and Eurydice
Summer Moon

M) Dore, France, 1833
Leaving the Praetorium
Christ Entering Jerusalem
Dream of Pilate’s Wife

N) Paul Thumann, Germany, 1834
The Three Fates
Art Wins the Heart
Pitcher of Tears
Psyche at Nature’s Mirror

As can be recognized, the old Parker Brothers Game of Great Artists includes glimpses of some memorable and valuable pieces of art.

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