Parker Brothers Vintage 1926 Touring Card Game

Originally published in 1906 by Wallie Dorr Company, Parker Brothers re-introduced the famous automobile card game called Touring in 1926.

parker brothers 1926 card gamePlaying the popular old Parker Brothers card game of Touring gives a jaunt back in time.  Players attempt to complete a trip (made up of sixteen mile cards), while overcoming any obstacles which may occur during their travels.  Along with the highest mile per hour card of 30MPH (allowed to be played only when driving through the country), the images on the cards offer depictions of old time style automobiles and convey the limiting conditions of early vehicles and drivers.

The winner in the game of Touring is the first player to accumulate 110 miles by collecting the correct amount of mile cards.  This is done while also obstructing and delaying opponents. These different functions in the playing of cards make Touring a challenging and exciting game.

parker brothers touring mile game cardsFor a two player game, eight 1 mile cards, four 3 mile cards, two 15 mile cards, and two 30 mile cards are needed to win.  These cards are placed in front of a player, when they have a GO card in play (a Country card needs to be in position for the playing of 30 mile cards).   The Go card is the first card played, but an opponent can easily delay the travel of a player by placing any of the following cards on top of it:


parker brothers 1926 Touring game cards

If a player has been delayed by his opponent, a player must play another GO card on top of the delay card in order to continue on his pursuit of acquiring 110 mile cards.  If a player was delayed by a PUNCTURE card, a GO card is placed on top and the player can GO.  However, if an OUT OF GASOLINE card was placed, then both a GASOLINE card and a GO card needs placed.  For a COLLISION card delay, the HAULED IN card needs placed before the GO card.

vintage 1926 parker brothers Touring game cardsAnother type of obstacle is for a player to place a ‘CITY LIMITS’ card on top of a played COUNTRY card.  This would stop the other player from placing any 30 MPH cards down in front of him.  In order to end this delay, a player needs to play a ‘COUNTRY’ card back on top.

Players always pick a card from the deck upon their turn first.  Then, they will either play a card in front of them, play one onto their opponent’s cards, or discard into the discard pile.  They will always have five cards left in hand at the end of their turn.

More than 2 players can play.  For a three player game, players need only to acquire cards valuing 70 Miles.  Four player games would form teams (two against two). The rules also allow for a six player game as well.  The six players (two teams of three) would need to only collect the 70 miles in order to win; four 1 mile cards, two 3 mile cards, two 15 mile cards and one 30 mile card.

Although Touring is a specialized deck card game, it is a unique and fun game to still play.  Often times it can be found on auction sites, like EBay, for less than 30 dollars (depending on the age and condition).  Picking one up can offer another great card game to play on game night.

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4 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    The game was updated several times, I have just found a copy of the 1937 version. I wish you had posted a scan of the back of a card.

  2. Dick Henkel says:

    I found this exact game which belonged to my father George Henkel Jr. (he died in 1945).
    The game is in fair condition, the directions are worn, but the box and cards are all in excellent condition. I’ll treasure this.

    • Jenny Kile says:

      That is a treasured find!! I’m sure you can imagine him playing and having fun. Games hold so many memories that last forever!

      Thanks for sharing and visiting the site!

      • Larry Burson I have an original 1926 touring card game in its original box with the original Instruction sheet the box is in fair condition considering , the instruction sheet is falling apart the cards are in surprisingly good condition I was wondering if you could give me any Idea what it would be worth I’m struggling right now and will probably have to sale them but don’t want to trust a antique shop quote or I should say I don’t know if I should trust an antique shop quote my E-mail is and I would greatly appreciate any info you could give me sincerely LE Burson

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