Plan a Lego Game Night and Build Stronger Family Bonds

Instead of planning any ordinary game night, families can plan a fun themed Lego game night.  They can eat Lego cake and play Lego games, all while building stronger family bonds.

game night recipe

Lego Cake

Playing games together is one of the best ways families can gather around, enjoy each other’s company, and strengthen relationships.  Add Lego into the mix, and families are sure to construct not only interlocking structures of Legos, but of memorable times.  Since the Lego Company continues to expand its product line of Lego Games, they give families a wide range of adventures to choose from for having an enthusiastic game night.

Depending on what a family likes to do, the Lego game night might involve exciting car races, mixing up magical potions, or daring treasure hunts.  A brief description of some Lego games available are given in the article, Give a Fun and Games Lego Gift Basket.  If still unsure of just what game to play, one of the all around fun Lego games, for everyone to enjoy, is Creationary.

Creationary is often described as Pictionary with Lego’s.  Instead of players trying to guess what other players are drawing, they are trying to determine what a player is building.  The game is recommended for 3 to 8 players and for ages 7 and up. However, younger children who are familiar with Lego’s, are able to play as well.

Players take turns rolling the special Lego Die to select which category to build; vehicles, buildings, nature, or things.  Offering different levels of play, Creationary is challenging, imaginative, and a blast for a whole family to play.

To boost the Lego themed game night, a Lego cake is baked to fulfill the building appetite of players.  Creating a Lego cake is simple. Two Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake mixes are easily used by following the directions on the boxes to make the batters.  One mix is used to bake a 13×9 cake. This cake will form the base or bases.

Forming a Lego Cakegame night recipe

Forming a Lego Cake

The other cake mix is poured into a mini cupcake or muffin pan.  These will form the nubs on a Lego.  Once the base cake and mini cupcakes are cooled, the forming of the Lego can begin.  There are so many different colors and shapes of Lego’s, it is a baker’s choice.  One large Lego can be formed by placing the nubs on the one whole cake.  Smaller Lego’s can be fashioned by cutting the base cake into squares or rectangles and then placing the nubs on top.  As shown, the base cake could be a vanilla cake and the nubs could be chocolate cake.  This offers both kinds for players to munch on.

game night recipe

Piece of Lego Cake

Once the desired shapes are formed, all there is left to do is apply the icing.  Any color of icing will do.  It’s that simple; but will provide an entertaining snack and help establish the Lego themed night.

Playing is a wonderful way to build strong family ties.  What better way to build them than playing Lego games and eating Lego cake. The themed game night adds to the enthusiasm for all.

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