Play the Outdoor Game of Rolling Bull’s-eye

Playing outdoor games gives a chance to break away from video games and enjoy the sunshine.  Instead of hitting a target on an indoor TV screen, why not hit an actual target by playing Rolling Bull’s-eye.  Players of all ages will have fun trying to hit the target of this lively game.

Rolling Bull’s-eye is for 2 or more players and develops skills of coordination.  Players need to be alert and ready in order to hit the rolling bull’s eye.

A ball or beanbag for each player, and one hoop is all that is required for play.  The object of the game is to throw a ball through the hoop, as it rolls past, for the scoring of points. The larger the hoop, the easier the game is.  If playing with smaller children, a hula hoop can be used.  However, if older children or adults are playing (or once younger children develop their throwing skills), a smaller hoop should be used for more challenging and rewarding play.  (Arm hoops, used for exercising, work well)

Depending on the number of players determines whether teams are formed.  Five or less players play independently.  Six or more players form two (or more) teams.  Each team, or individual players, stands in a line and prepares to throw their ball through the rolling ring.

One person is chosen to roll the hoop in front of the players.  After all players are ready, the person rolls the hoop across the designated course.  It should be rolled between ten to twenty feet in front of the lined up players.  The distance depends on player’s ages; closer for younger children, further for older.

Each player that successfully throws his ball through the hoop, scores a point, either for himself or for the team (if playing in teams).

If playing individually, the first player to score 5 points wins.  If teams are made, the score needed to win is based on the number of players.  Two teams of 3 to 6 players need 15 points to win; 7 to 15 player teams need 25 points to win; more than 15 players need 40 points.

If the lines of players are felt to be too long for the space, more than two teams are formed.  Teams of 5 can each take turns throwing the balls through the rolling bull’s eye.

The game is based off of a game played by the North American Indians.  In the native game, spears were used instead of balls, and the ring was a lot smaller.  Rings of only six inch in diameter were used.  The game had the same objective.  Players needed to successfully throw their spear through the ring to score the most points.  Teaching and practicing moving ‘target’ skills for hunting, the game was known to be popular amongst the tribes.

Although some video games these days are quite interactive and energizing, there is still something special about getting outside and playing games.  So find a hoop, and some balls to throw, and get outdoors to play Rolling Bull’s-eye.



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