Play the Snow Game of Stop the Volcano!

snow gamesPlaying the snow game of Stop the Volcano! is fun for all ages.  It gets players outside to enjoy the fresh winter weather and gives them something challenging to do.  Before playing the game, though, players must build the volcano.  This is part of the excitement!  And depending on the players, the size of the volcano can be as large or small as they want!

Building the volcano for the game is simple and quick to do.  Players merely pile up as much snow as they want in order to form a big, medium sized, or tiny imaginary molten filled mountain.  Shovels or buckets can be used to help pile the snow.  On top of the heap of snow is the peak.  Here, a hole is dug out to represent where the lively volcano may spurt out its lava at any moment.  This must be closed in the game! If wanted, a squirt bottle of water can be colored with red food coloring.  This water can then be sprayed in various streams down from the peak to bring the volcanic mound to life!

The object of Stop the Volcano! is to block the hole so lava cannot stream out.  This is accomplished by throwing a snowball exactly into the dug out hole on top.

After the volcano is finished, a set of lines is marked off from the base of the volcano.  The first is about 6 feet away.  The next is about 10 feet, and the last is about 15 to 20 (depending on player’s ages it can be a little closer for smaller children).

Players take turns attempting to throw snowballs into the Volcano’s peak. Once they block the hole on top of the snow mound, they move back to the next line.  The first player to successfully throw snowballs from each of the distances, wins the game!  They have stopped the volcano from releasing its hot molten rivers, and saved the day!

This snow game of Stop the Volcano! is similar to the one played on the beach.  The difference is instead of throwing a ball, hat, or Frisbee on top of the volcano, like done in the beach game, snowballs are used.  Both are wonderful fun, and add excitement to the seasonal activities.

Being creative, building mountains in the snow, and playing games, make for a great time.  It warms the heart and keeps the cold away….even in winter.


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