Preschool Game of Feed the Kitty by Gamewright

Feeding the Kitty is not a chore any longer!  It’s simply fun and games.  The preschool game of Feed the Kitty by Gamewright is a perfect game for not only little cat lovers, but all kids.  The unique game pieces of twenty small purple wooden mice, two specialized dice, and cat bowl make feeding the kitty an exciting job.   The game is recommended for ages 4 and up, and 2 to 5 players.

Game play is similar to the older style game of LCR.  LCR, representing Left, Center, or Right, are letters marked on dice. Players roll the dice to determine movement of a player’s beginning chips.  A player’s chips can either stay with the player, move to the player on his Left, move to the player on his Right, or be placed into Center.  Whoever is left with the last chips, wins.

Feed the Kitty plays much the same way.  However, with the special animal theme and props, charm is added; making playing the game all the more fun!

The two dice in the game are marked with certain images. These symbols are easily understood by young players.  They know if they roll the arrow pointing to the left, one of his purple mice will be given to the player on his left.  A sleeping kitty rolled means he gets to keep his purple mice, and the cat dish symbol indicates he places a mouse in the Kitty’s dish.  Rolling the image of a mouse indicates he gets to take a mouse from the Kitty’s bowl.

Depending on how many players are playing the game, determines the amount of mice players start with.  If only two players play, then each begins with 8 mice.  Three players begin with 6, four players with 5, and if there are five players, then each begins with 4 mice.  Leftover mice are put in the Kitty’s bowl which is positioned in the center area of play.

preschool gamePlayers take turns rolling the dice in order to move their mice accordingly.  A player who runs out of mice during the game is not out of the game immediately.  If his opponent on the right rolls the ‘arrow’, he will then receive a mouse.   Play continues until only one person is left with a mouse (or mice) out of the Kitty’s bowl.  Whoever has this mouse (or mice) wins Feed the Kitty!

The rolling and moving of mice teaches children how to take turns, recognize symbols, and follow directions. However, the easy play of Feed the Kitty allows all players to just enjoy having fun without realizing the lessons being taught!  Feed the Kitty is a wonderful preschool game to play!

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