Pressman’s 1992 Marvel Super Heroes Collectible Game

Pressman 1992 collectible gameSince The Avengers premiered at theatres in May 2012, the Pressman 1992 Marvel Super Heroes game has become a sought after collectible.  You could say the movie caused a marvel for all things super heroes. For collectors or gamers, it is time to reach for that Marvel Super Heroes game and play it with the kids.  If you do not have the game, it can sometimes be found on sale on sites like EBay. Taking on the role of Iron Man or the Hulk and fighting Loki always gives the sense of adventure.  With the release of the movie, it brings that action to the table.

The game consists of 30 Super Hero cards which includes characters like, Spiderman, Professor X or Silver Surfer.  These cards are prepared to battle against the 30 Super Villain cards. The Super Villains will try to escape from being placed inside the Super Lock-up Holders by the heroes.

Also part of the excitement are 30 Marvel cards and 1 Super Villain Power Card.

pressman 1992 marvel super heroes game boardPlayers begin by choosing 6 Super Villain Cards and placing them on the Alert spaces of the board. They choose 1 Super Hero card and a Lock-up holder which will be used for their captured villains, as well. These items remain in front of each player. More Super Heroes can be added during the play of the game.

The objective is to be the first person to Lock-up four Super Villains.

The game takes a player around the board to recruit other Super Heroes, battle and capture Villains, and return to headquarters to lock up the enemies for good. Landing on Alert spaces will bring the fight for freedom and justice to play. Upon rolling the die and landing on these spaces, a player will immediately move the Super-Villain card to the battle board.

The villain card is placed on 1, 2, or 3 numbers of the Battle Board.  The Battle Board is the row of six numbers (seen above) which will correspond to the roll of a die.  A power for each villain is marked in the bottom right corner. For example, Sabertooth has a power of one, so he can be placed on any one number. Doctor Doom has a power of 2. His card is placed sideways to cover 2 numbers in the row. Loki, with the use of the Super Villain power card, covers 3 numbers. Loki’s card is placed sideways to cover 2 numbers and then the additional power card is placed beside.

After the Super Villain numbers are chosen, a player places his Super Hero’s on the Battle Board. Depending on their power, will determine how many numbers they cover. Either a power of 1, like Doctor Strange, or a 2 like She-Hulk will compete against the Villain. One or more Super Heroes can work together.

loki, captain america, hulk, iron man, thor, game cards

Sample Game Cards

Once all cards are placed on the Battle Board, a die is then rolled. If the number rolled is under any of the battling Super Heroes card (on the Battle Board), he wins. The player takes the Villain and puts the card beneath the Hero card to be placed back in front of him. It does not go into Lock-up until returning to headquarters.

If the number rolled is under the Villain’s card, he wins. Determined by another roll of die (if two or more Super Heroes were in combat against the Villain), a Super Hero is captured and will be placed beneath the Villain’s card and back on the Alert space of the board. This card can be later freed if the villain loses the next or following battles.

Filled with Marvel Super Heroes and Villains, the game brings the fight of good and evil to a board. The allure of portraying a favorite character and capturing a fierce enemy has players wanting to play the game again and again.  Or if they want, they can play another game similar, like Captain America.

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