Serve Edible Sticks and Acorns for an Outdoor Themed or Camp Game Night Snack

A bowl full of edible Sticks and Acorns makes the perfect snack for an outdoor themed game night or for playing games at the campground.

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Sticks and Acorns

Whether going camping for the weekend or if just planning on staying at home, playing some games with family or friends is a great way to have fun together.  Rustling up a dish of Sticks and Acorns makes the ideal snack for whatever games will be played at camp.  Whereas, if having a game night at home, why not theme the night with games about the outdoors and serve the correlating treat of Stick and Acorns.  The connecting snack builds upon the enjoyable mood and ties in the fun and games for a wonderful outdoor time at home.

No matter where the games are being played, the charming bites will be welcomed.  Sticks and Acorns are easy to make.  They are only hard for players to grab just one of the tasty bits to eat.

The ingredients needed for Sticks and Acorns are pretzel sticks for the ‘Sticks’; Mini Vanilla Wafers, Hersey kisses, and cookie icing for the Acorns.

To start, unwrap the Hersey Kisses and dab the tops with cookie icing.  Then apply the Mini Vanilla Wafers to these tops. Add an additional dab of cookie icing to the center of each Vanilla Wafer top for the stem of the acorn.  After a few minutes the icing will set and the Acorn is segame night recipe ingredientscure and complete.  The pretzel sticks can then be mixed up with the newly fashioned woodland morsels and served.  Simple and quick as that!  Place a bowl full of these on the game table and the fun begins.

Any game of cards is great for playing while camping.  Small and compact, a deck of cards can easily be packed and multiple types of games can be played from a deck.  Two player games like Speed or Spit or for 3 or more players, games like Rummy or Crazy Eights can be played.  With additional decks and lots of players, Nertz is a lot of fun.

Some suggestions on outdoorsy themed games, for either the camp game table at home or at the campground, would be Skunk or Bears.  Both of these dice games offer quick entertaining fun.  Easy to set up and exciting to play, the rolls of the dice bring laughs to the table.

For at home, the board game of Camp is ideal.  Serving up Sticks and Acorns with this game will boost the woodland experience.  Players follow footprints through the forest and strive to be the first player back to the campfire.  During the game, outdoor trivia questions are asked to players.  These unique trivia cards contain different leveled questions so all players can be challenged and learn about nature while having fun.

Blokus is a game which works well for camping.  The plastic pieces are washable and durable.  Since the game is recommended for ages 5 and up, it meshes with a family of various aged players.  For little ones, Hisss can be played as an outdoorsy themed game.  Building snakes, across the tent floor or at home, is the only way some players will want to see slithering snakes.

So whip up some Sticks and Acorns the next time a camp themed game night is planned or when a camping trip is near.  The forestry type snack will boost the occasion and provide sweetness to the fun and games amusement.

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