Serve Jenga Cheese Towers with Crackers for a Game Night Snack

The popular game of Jenga gives the perfect idea for serving up a game night snack: Cheese Towers with Crackers.

game night recipeJenga is one of the most popular games in the world today.  Swahili for ‘Build it,’ Jenga was first invented by Leslie Scott and includes 54 wooden blocks which form a balancing tower.  The game initially emerged by playing with a simple set of blocks while growing up in Kenya, East Africa.  Rules were intuitively decided upon in which players took turns removing any block of his choice from the stacked tower– until it collapsed.

Scott, once sharing and playing the game with others outside her immediate family, realized the game could be marketed.  In 1982, after taking out a loan to produce 500 games, she optimistically took her game to the London Toy Show.  Although sales were slow at first, they soon began to grow.  According to the book, Timeless Toys by Tim Walsh, Jenga, at times, has ranked second in global sales over the years(Monopoly was first).

jengaBecause it is such a well known game, creating a game night snack, based off of the lofty pile of blocks, is ideal.  Cheese Towers with Crackers will make a pleasant arrangement and can used as a center display for any game refreshment table.   The platter will offer gamers a quick non-messy and tasty treat.

And what is wonderful about the array, it is simple to create!

Cracker Barrel cheese sticks work great to produce the desired size of blocks.  Building towers out of different types of cheese also provides a variety of tastes for gamers to pick from.  Extra sharp, Marbled, White Cheddar, or any other kind of cheese stick can be sliced to form the Jenga cheese blocks.

With a cheese slicer, cut the Cracker Barrel stick into thirds.  These can then be sliced again into thirds.  And once more.  27 building blocks can be crafted from each Cracker Barrel stick.  Depending on how many players, will help decide whether one or more sticks need to be sliced.

Take the small sticks and start stacking.  The Cheese Tower quickly takes form and it is up to the guests to choose which piece they want to take out first.  Do they go for a top one or will they try and play Jenga and take one from the middle?

Placed on a plate and surrounded by Harvest Wheat and Buttercrisp crackers, the game night snack is completed.  Adding this treat to the game table will amuse all players and begin the night off with an elevated delight.


Play a game today!


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