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ancient game board

The Ancient Game of Bagh Chal

The ancient game of Bagh Chal is categorized as a hunt or chase game.  The two-player game, originating in Nepal, has been challenging players for over a thousand years.  Bagh Chal, meaning ‘moving Tiger’,...


The Game of Mastermind

Since 1970, Mastermind has been challenging players to the breaking of codes.  Playing the game is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to exercise the mind.  A player’s objective is to break...

1891 E.I. Horsman board game

Antique 1891 Game of Seven Sleepers

The game of Seven Sleepers was copyrighted by E.I. Horsman in 1891 and included The 24 Puzzle challenge within its directions.  E.I. Horsman (Edward Imeson Horsman) first opened a toy company in 1865 and...