Ten Best Games for a Halloween Family Game Night

Planning a family game night for Halloween can include lots of thrills!  Not only are there many games with Halloween themes, but getting together to play games always raises spirits!  With ghosts and monsters, mystery and adventure, and haunts and spells, Halloween game night is simply enchanting. The following are ten best games, for players from young to old, to play on this boo-tiful family night.

For little gamers, the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown board game is well liked and ideal.  Players race to share their treats with Linus who is waiting in the center of the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin.  Based from the lovable Peanut character’s cartoon special, players can also enjoy watching the DVD once game playing is finished.  Be sure to have pumpkin popcorn balls on hand!

Another game for adventurous youngsters is Go Away Monster!  Although wonderful to play all year round, Go Away Monster! is especially thrilling to play on Halloween.  At this spooky time of year, pulling out monsters from the grab bag, which do not belong in their room, enthuses kids with a higher level of excitement for yelling, “Go Away, Monster!”  These words being called out can raise the roof off a house!

A classic mystery game for the whole family to enjoy on Halloween is Clue.  Solving the mystery of who killed Mr. Boddy, with what and where, uplifts all players (hopefully just not Mr. Boddy). This clever, logical deducing game brings families together and has all wondering who amongst them is the killer.  Playing some background haunting music provides extra chills.

There are other favorite classic games that have been themed with Halloween. These give a boost to the game night and a reason to gather together for the playing of games.  Boo-opoly is a twist on Monopoly.  Instead of the ordinary dog or thimble, game pieces include a frightful ghost or cat.  Players venture across the board trying to accumulate Haunted Houses, while trying not to get caught soaping windows or receiving Fright fees.  With many more themed features, Boo-opoly adds an adorable aspect for those who normally wouldn’t choose to play Monopoly.
Then there’s Jenga, Yahtzee, or Spot it! with an added Halloween basis.  Instead of the normal stacking blocks for Jenga, there’s Stacking Bones or the official orange and black Jenga blocks. Yahtzee players need to roll things like bats, witch’s hats, or spiders instead of the normal dice.  And the award winning game of Spot it! published it’s spooked up version as well!  Played the same, 2 to 8 players strive to be the first to spot the common item between any two cards played.  With images of ghosts, goblins, tombstones, and anything ‘Halloween’, the game is perfect for a family game night.

To mix things up even more, wizard games can be played.  In the article Ten Best Wizard Games, Frog Juice or Wizard are mentioned.  These spell casting and producing games will give Halloween game night a charming and binging appeal.  Great for all Witch’s and Warlocks to battle in.

Older children and adults can bring out the horror in board games like, Fury of Dracula, Betrayal at house on the hill, or Ghost Stories.  In the game Fury of Dracula, the most experienced person plays the role of Dracula.  All other players need to hunt him down.  Requiring memory and reasoning skills, this game is fantastic, challenging, and suspenseful for older players.

Okay, I know, I am over ten, but shopping on EBay for vintage games offers some timeless treasures too.  Mystery Mansion or Which Witch? are two of my favorites which play well at Halloween.  What are some of your favorite Halloween games?


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