Ten Best Games for Stocking Stuffers

Place any of the following ten best games inside a Christmas stocking and the receiver will realize some of the best gifts come in small packages.  The games offer fun and excitement all year round and make ideal Christmas surprises!

Big Fish Lil Fish is a wonderful stocking stuffer for the little ones in the house.  With an ocean of games to choose from, one can’t go wrong with the Big Fish Lil Fish card game.  Children love placing down the big fish to eat the lil fish as fast as they can.  And they laugh when they cleverly place an inedible spiny puffer fish for the other player to get more than he was fishing for!  Quick and amusing to play! (recommended for 2 or more players, ages 6 and up, about 15 minutes or less to play)

Rory’s Story Cubes offers endless and imaginative fun.  Great to play at a party, alone, or on family game nights!  The game consists of nine cubes with each side depicting a different image.  Players roll the dice and based on the images appearing, they create a story.  The cubes inspire such creative storytelling, all enjoy listening to the tales and playing the game.  (recommended for 1 or more players, ages 8 and up, about 15 minutes to play)

Spot it! challenges players to be the quickest observer of all.  The game includes 55 small circular cards, each with 8 symbols appearing on them.  Play begins by picking two random cards from the deck and placing them on the table for all players to see.  The object of the game is to ‘Spot it’—that is to spot the common element of the two cards first!  Frustratingly fast, and pleasurably fun!  All ages enjoy testing their perception. (recommended for 2-8 players, ages 7 and up, quick to play)

Saboteur is a great party card game and ideal for larger groups to play.  Digging for gold together, with unknown players as possible saboteurs, keeps all players guessing.  The surprises do not end after opening the game as a gift.  It continues all through the year. (recommended for 3 to 10 players, ages 8 and up, about 30 minutes to play)

Loot packs a treasure in itself.  It is card game of plundering fun.  Trying to capture as many gold coins as possible keeps all pirates busy come Christmas and after.  The best player at looting and capturing merchant ships determines a winner. (recommended for 2-8 players, ages 10 and up, about 20 minutes to play)

Along with the orange in the stocking (some families tradition) adding the game of Bananagrams, Appletters, or Pairs in Pears is a welcomed and exciting surprise.  Any of the three games helps encourage learning, and are a blast to play.  Peeling letters in Bananagrams, forming winning Pairs in Pears, and connecting Appletters, provides for a fruitful great time!  (recommended for 2-8 players, ages 6 and up, 30 minutes to play)

Hey That’s My Fish! will have children saying, ‘Hey, that’s my stocking!’  Players of this tiled board game try and collect as many fish as possible without getting stranded on the ice.  Once all penguins are finished battling and collecting tiles, which are marked with a certain number of fish, the fish are counted.  The winner is the player with the most! (recommended for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, about 30 minutes to play)

With the seven colors on Coloretto game cards, players can change their collection of colors, like the chameleon on the box.  Striving to gather large sets of colors in their hands (but no more than three), players draw and place cards and take rows.  Scoring is based on the card’s colors in a player’s hand at the end of the game.  The player with the most points wins.  (recommended for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up, about 30 minutes to play)

Blink and the game is over (or so it seems).  Considered one of the fastest games, Blink has players compete to match the shapes, the colors, or the number on cards.  This stocking stuffer is perfect for anyone come Christmas morning. (recommended for 2 players, ages 6 and up, quick to play)

Sleeping Queens consists of 79 cards with charming knights, jesters, kings, dragons, and more.  The object for players is to wake the sleeping queens.  Although boys also enjoy playing the game, this card game will be magical as a girl’s stocking stuffer.  (recommended for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up, about 15 minutes to play)

The above ten best games for stocking stuffers are special little gifts which offer lots of amusement after all presents are unwrapped.  Able to be enjoyed on any day of the year, the games continue to spread the joy of Christmas time and again.


Jenny Kile

Admin. of All About Fun and Games. Along with being an avid collector and player of table top games, I am a writer, researcher, treasure hunter, and Founder of Kardtects ( kardtects.com. ) I believe fun is everywhere and you are welcome to visit my other sites: mysteriouswritings.com (which explores mystery, adventure and the search for treasures) and kardtects.com (which takes building card houses to completely new levels. Kardtects is the next generation of card house building!) Email: Jennykile@outlook.com

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