Ten Best Wizard Games that Provide a Magical and Spellbinding Game Night

The following ten best Wizard games allow players to demonstrate their magical talents for not only casting powerful spells but creating an exciting game night.

Although the books and movies of Harry Potter boosted the attraction for wizard games, the charm for formulating concoctions and producing mystifying spells is seen throughout the ages.  There are Wizard games for all ages to play.  Below is a list of the best ten; starting from games able to be played by the youngest wizards to the oldest.

Seven Dragons (2-5 players, ages 6 and up and with added preschool rules)

All wizards enjoy playing with dragons.  Great for younger players, the Seven Dragons’ cards create a colorful domino-like style game.  The artwork by renowned dragon artist, Larry Elmore, enhances the imagination of players while they try to link seven of their dragon cards together.  The first player to match seven of their secret color wins.

Magikus (2-4 players, ages 6 and up)

Created by Lego Games, the game of Magikus adds to a player’s fun by having them first build a shelf-like playing area and construct the specialty Lego game die.  The shelf game board is then filled with all the needed ingredients and items the players will compete to collect.  Attempting to gather all four items (skull, wand, cup, tooth) stashed on the Lego shelf (with the help of an Owl and roll of the die), players race to be the first player to place the winning ingredients into the magic cauldron.  It is a great game for Wizardly Lego lovers.

Frog Juice (2-4 players, ages 8 and up)

Frog Juice is another Wizard’s delight.  Having Frog Cookies available for snacking is a must.  These tasty treats will keep players energized as they create the magic potions and spells of the game.  Spells for disappearing, or one for eternal sleep and others, are made from gathering the ingredient cards.  Mice and Mushrooms, Unicorn Horn, or Newts and Bats are only some of the required items for producing the enchantments. Frog Juice is the one powerful ingredient card all players go after; for it will provide the player with an extra point.  The player with the most completed spells and points at the end of the game wins.

Wizard’s Gambit (2-5 players, ages 8 and up)

Perfect to add to a Wizard’s themed fun and games gift basket, Wizard’s Gambit has players compete to claim commanding spells as their own!  Fun for family play, sorcerers of various ages strive to build powerful and captivating spell books.  The first wizard to accumulate a spell point total of 10 wins.  Creating dangerous and spellbinding books has never offered such a better title than being proclaimed the Grand Siege Magus! (and of course the winner).

Summoner Wars (2-4 players, ages 8 and up)

Players of the expandable/collectible card game of Summoner Wars take on the role of both mage and general.  Rules are simple to learn, but game play is strategic.  Summoners will use their wizardly skills to compete and defeat enemy opponents on the battlefield.  The starter set of Summoner Wars comes complete with two factions (civilizations) ready to fulfill their objectives.  Whether it be for merely revenge or defending territory, battles can begin almost immediately once the game box is opened.

Wizard (3-6 players, ages 10 and up, junior version 8 and up)

Wizard contains a wonderful charming recipe inside the box.  With a deck of Wizard cards, a pinch of strategy, a snip of luck, and overflowing cup full’s of smiles, a fantastic game night of fun is easily concocted.  Considered by many families to be their favorite card game, Wizard is quick to play and easy to learn.  An evening of attempting to calculate the exact amount of trick taking is found by playing this wizardry game.  The best sorcerer with eyes into the future wins!

Grimiore (2-4 players, ages 10 and up)

Grimiores (French word for Spell books) are key to winning this game.  Fans of sorcery will enjoy the entertaining game of casting spells chosen from their accompanying spell books which are included in the game box.  The winner of the game is the first player to collect 10 characters and 10 treasure cards.  Loaded with suspense, players of Grimiore quickly learn to choose the most successful spells to cast upon the opponents.

Fantasy Wizard (3 or more players, ages 10 and up)

Nothing but the truth is revealed through this sorcerer’s game.  Players begin by looking into the future and predicting the outcome of the round.  Crystal balls come in handy.  Written on the score pad of Truth, all is exposed at the end of the battle between Dwarves, Elves, Giants and Humans. Wizards trump all of the others, and offer the only sure trick of the game.  This fact paced card game is known to keep players enchanted until late into the evenings!  (well past some player’s bedtimes!)

Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower (co-operative play of 1-6 players, ages 10/12 and up)

Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower is an expansion on the original game of Castle Panic.  Both offer co-operative play.  In Castle Panic, players must defend their castle against monsters in the nearby forest.  The Wizard expansion now has a Wizard to help defend the castle and allows players to utilize dangerous spells.  These are definitely needed because when the Wizard joined forces with players, other magical and treacherous creatures joined the beasts in the forest.  Wonderful and exciting play for a family game night of enchanting fun!

Mystic Cauldron (2-4 players, ages 12 and up)

The description of Mystic Cauldron from the game’s website is “a game of deep strategy based on the simplicity of Tic-tac-toe.”  Players compete to mix and bottle the most potions by placing color ingredients into the Mystic Cauldron.   Players are given recipes for formulating the potions and the player who can bottle the most, wins the game.  He is then considered the Potions Master!  Simple Strategic Pleasure is one of the best potions and this game offers it to all players.

The above ten best wizard games offer the opportunity to have an enchanting and charming game night of trickery!  Playing games and gathering together with family and friends are the two main ingredients to formulating a Thrilling Game Night.  When adding a dash of sorcery to the mixed up batch of fun, the night will simply be spellbinding, magical, and captivating.

Jenny Kile

Admin. of All About Fun and Games. Along with being an avid collector and player of table top games, I am a writer, researcher, treasure hunter, and Founder of Kardtects ( kardtects.com. ) I believe fun is everywhere and you are welcome to visit my other sites: mysteriouswritings.com (which explores mystery, adventure and the search for treasures) and kardtects.com (which takes building card houses to completely new levels. Kardtects is the next generation of card house building!) Email: Jennykile@outlook.com

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