The Beach Game of Shark Path

Wondering what beach game to play the next time you are at the beach?  How about Shark Path?   This active beach game makes jumping in the waves all the more refreshing, albeit maybe a little more hesitant.  Shark Path is played by 3 or more players and offers a break from other beach activities.  Players simply need to etch out a play area in the sand and be prepared to have fun!

To start, a large circle with four intersecting lines is marked in the sand (diagram shown below).  If only 3 to 5 players are playing, it should be approximately 15 feet in diameter.  A larger circle, around 20-30 feet in diameter, is marked for 6 or more players.   No matter the size of the circle, the four ‘spokes’ are etched out and added to the wheel/circle.  These marked out trails (rim and spokes) are the ‘Shark’s Paths.’

Play begins with one player being chosen to be the ‘Shark’.  All other players are ‘Fish’.  The object of the game is for Fish to run the Shark’s Paths without being eaten (tagged) by the Shark.  All players (shark and fish) must stay on the paths.

The Shark begins by standing in the middle of the circle.  Fish begin by standing anywhere they choose on the outer rim.  On the count of ‘One, Two, Swim!, the Shark becomes wildly hungry and goes after the Fish.

Shark Path Diagram

The Shark may run anyway he likes while sticking to the paths.  A Fish may run anyway he likes on the rim of Shark’s Path.  He may decide to run halfway around the rim and then decide to turn back and run the other way.

However, if he chooses to run on a spoke of the Shark’s Path, he must run from rim to rim, straight across.  The Fish cannot turn back on the spoke once he decides to run on it; or he cannot decide to turn in center to run on another spoke.   A Shark could run ‘half of spoke’ and then turn and run on another ‘half of spoke’, but a Fish can’t.

Once a Shark eats (tags) a Fish that Fish is then the Shark for another round of play.

Shark Path offers an energizing activity and encourages the daring crossing of the Shark’s Path by the Fish.  Fish must be aware of how the Shark could quickly run on a spoke and turn to get them on the rim.  The Shark must be aware of the Fish swimming across the ocean and be crafty enough to catch them!  The beach game of Shark Path makes for an exciting time at the beach, and hopefully, it is the only Shark beach goers come across!


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    […] Shark Path Running around on the beach is part of the game Shark Path.  The different pathways etched in the sand offers lots of excitement for all.  No one wants to get tagged by the Shark! Directions for playing and making the ‘play area’ are talked about in The Beach Game of Shark Path. […]

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