The Card Game of Morff: Great for Younger Tricksters

card gameDescribed as the ‘constantly changing card game’, Morff keeps all four players guessing. Players never know what Trump will be on their next turn, or even what cards will be found in their hand. It certainly lives up to its name!

Playing the game of Morff is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘Trump’ and ‘Trick Taking’ to younger players. Since the continually ‘Morffing’ of hands and Trump guessing removes some of the strategy usually involved in other ‘trick taking’ games, Morff offers a way for those just learning these concepts an equal level playing field.

Morff is recommended for ages 6 and up and for exactly 4 players playing in teams of two. Each box of Morff comes with two complete decks of fifty playing cards each. Instructions are written on an additional card included in the deck. Each deck is separated into forty cards for dealing to players (10 Morff cards each) and 10 cards used as the Trump Deck.

There are 5 suits (colors; blue, red, green, yellow, and black) which are numbered 1 to 8. After choosing teams, the numbered Morff cards are all dealt to players. The dealer begins the game by turning over the top card from the faced down Trump Deck (positioned beside him). The Trump Deck determines the color of trump for the round. It may also have players switch all cards in their hands with other players.

After the initial Trump Card is flipped over (and hands switched if instructed), the dealer is the first to play a card. Play of the hand is like most standard trick taking games. Players play cards to match the beginning player’s suit card. If unable, then he may Trump the trick.

The highest card of the leading suit takes the trick, if a Trump was not placed. The highest Trump takes the trick if Trumps were played. Although the directions on the card do not state it; ties go to the first card played.

Rounds continue in this fashion. After a Trump Card is flipped over before each round, the winner of the last trick will play the first card for the next round.

At the end of 10 trick taking hands, scores are totaled. Each trick earns 10 points for the team. The last trick is worth 30 points. The winners of the game are the first team to accumulate 500 points.

The colorful Morff cards, and unique game play, make Morff a wonderful card game for younger kids. They learn the power of Trumps and the trick taking game style in a simple, fun, and relaxed manner. These young Tricksters will in time be powerful Trump Masters! It is a great introductory game for teaching this kind of play.


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