The Exciting Beach Game of Stop the Volcano!

Sand Volcano sculpture for beach gameWhen at the beach, it seems the digging and piling up sand is a must for kids. Turn this favorite activity into even a more exciting event by playing the beach game of Stop the Volcano! The mounds of sand, which are a fun and easy creation for kids on the beach, can be quickly formed into a perfect volcano and are used for the game. So before the pile of sand is jumped upon and smashed (another must for the beach), plan on playing a fun beach game with the kids. They will love it.

Kid’s have great imaginations and love a challenge. They only need a little story to set the stage for the game of Stop the Volcano! You may become as creative in the telling of the tale as you want. But, basically the tale is as follows: While spending a beautiful afternoon at the beach together, the nearby volcano is noticed to have become active! It is about to explode! In order to save the day, it must be stopped!

There are a different ways to do this. The spilling of hot lava can be blocked by a ball being thrown into the volcano’s center or the volcano can be capped with a Frisbee. Use either one you may have available. (If neither, seashells can be used like a ball)

Because the Volcano is already spurting out some of its red hot magma, and is dangerous to get near, the stopping of the volcano must be done from a distance. A line is drawn in the sand for players to throw from. Depending on the ages of the child/children playing will determine the distance. It should be far enough to provide a challenge, but not too far for it to seem like impossibility.

Players take turns throwing either the Frisbee or ball.

If a ball is used the volcano’s center is first dug out before play. The opening at the top of the volcano is the target. For a Frisbee, the volcano is leveled slightly off at the top for a ‘flat landing.’

The volcano is stopped if a player’s ball hits the target (falls into the volcano) or if the Frisbee lands on top of the volcano! The winner (hero) of the game is the player who stopped the volcano.

To play again, you simply state, ‘Oh no! The volcano blew out the ball or blew off the Frisbee and it needs to be stopped again!’ And once you are all done playing the game, and it is realized the volcano will blow its top no matter what! Simply say, “oh no! The only way to stop it is to destroy it. You can all jump and smash the volcano together!

Kids love it when parents share stories, play, and spend quality time with them. While at the beach, and playing the game of Stop the Volcano, all can be done at the same time!  Have fun!

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  1. The summer is here! so I will try all these games with my family at the beach. Thanks for the information.

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